WAAAAGH! Pt.14: The other 40k Ork Nob Complete = Boyz Mob #2 Complete (Squad: March ’18)

40k Space Ork Nob

While it might seem cheaty to finish a single model and call it another squad complete, that’s exactly what I’m going to do here. Mostly because finishing this Ork Nob does indeed finish off another Mob of my Orks. I left him and his mate from a week or so ago to paint last – after I completed all of Da Boyz, because I wanted to do a little bit extra on them – and painting these metal Nobz to lead them would serve as my reward for slogging through the plastic boyz.

40k Space Ork Nob

I may have combined the two of them into a single post, but when my camera’s battery ran out, it put paid to that, as I didn’t get it charged and more importantly back out to take photos again for a few days. I’m good with that regardless, as it let me focus on this guy a little more in the photos.

40k Space Ork Nob

As with the previous Nob, some coloured washes on his armour plates and choppa to suggest heat discolouration when it was being forged (or beaten into shape!) as well as the Blood Axe-ish camo clothing and the tusks and horns on his helm painted in bone rather than silver (which just didn’t work well).

40k Space Ork Nob

Hm. I need to go and grab the model to check what’s going on with that spot of white underneath that toof on his armband. (Later: It was a spot of paint. Fixed now!)

For something a bit different on this guy, I took the opportunity to experiment with some rust discolouration effects on white-painted metal. Not a terrible start for a first try, I’d hope you agree? I might try incorporating some crackle medium next time I try it and see how well that works. When I get working properly on Ork vehicles and walkers, there should be plenty of opportunities to keep playing with these techniques.

Space Ork Boyz Mob

And a shot of him with his minions. This leaves …not too much more to complete this first Ork force from 2005. Just the Warboss, and a herd of Grotz. I used the GorkaMorka Snotling models, so we’ll see just how painful they turn out to be, as they’ll all have to be rebased in this “cracked earth” style before being finally completed. I’m guessing, pretty painful. Once that’s done, I’ll do an army shot. I can probably force myself to complete the Warboss during Neglected May, and the Grotz for Squad: June…


WAAAAGH! Pt.13: 40k Ork Nob Complete = Boyz Mob #1 Complete (Squad: March ’18)

40k Space Ork Nob

In the last week or so, I’ve finally finished this Ork Nob that goes with about half of the Boyz that I’ve painted. He’s from the old-school metal Nobz boxed set from the mid-1990’s that contained five metal nobs with bosspoles. The helmet comes from the metal Black Orcs of the same period, as I wanted the Orks that lead the Mobs to look like particularly nasty bad-arses. Initially I’d painted the horns and tusks in silver, like forged metal but they simply blended in with the rest of the helmet, so I redid them as horn.

40k Space Ork Nob

He’s a hefty dude, and as with the rest of my Orks I’ve painted him with camo clothing to tie him loosely to the Blood Axe sub-faction.

40k Space Ork Nob

As the bosspole features some Space Marine helmets, I thought I’d paint them up as three of my own armies – Minotaurs, Celestial Lions and Black Templars (or any of the other black-helmeted Marines I have!)

40k Space Ork Nob

I’ve also given his helmet and axe a bit of subtle washing with blue, purple and brown for a bit of heat discolouration that also ties in with the trio of Killer Kans that I started awhile back (not much more done on those at this point!)

Space Ork Boyz Mob

And here he is – completing the squad! Well, the Mob. The thing with my challenges is that they’re all about completing stuff, so the fact that this single model was all that was left outstanding for this unit to be completed… well, I was motivated to get this guy done, and now the unit’s is completed. Start-to-finish is all well and good – and great for many instances, but for most of these monthly challenges, I’m more concerned about completing things.

Sure, the number of boyz in the mob might need to be juggled a little to make the unit line up neatly with the most current ruleset, but this group of Orks goes back to 2005, so for now – they’re all good.

Kromlech: Orc Juggernaut Mecha-Armour Squad – Polish Resin #4

A few weeks ago I saw some previews of some new items from Kromlech, a polish outfit who do resin conversion parts that happen to fit popular heroic 32mm Orcs and Armoured Space Warriors. I’ve gotten stuff from them on occaision, but when I saw these, I knew I had to order them right away, as I knew they would fit outstandingly into my Ork army. No pics of the painted elements of that army unfortunately, as they got attacked by a dragon from the warp a couple of years ago (or possibly a cat) and there was critical falling damage and then some foot-crushing damage when I next entered that particular room. Then I had to move. Twice. So they’re still “in the shop” until I get properly set up here.

Anyway, when I saw these, I had to own them. So I made that happen. By sending them money.

The casts, as you can see are absolutely brilliant. No flash. No bubbles. Every bit of detail is crisp and visible. The resin is not the type that makes you itchy. They’re literally a pleasure to look at and handle. I haven’t been this impressed by a new figure in quite some time. Why? The details and the casting. You can really tell the thought and care that went into these models by looking at all of the little things.  The scavenged weapons bolted onto the arms are filled with detail, right down to the wires and tiny hydraulics that are jury-rigged up to pull their triggers.

The set also comes with 5 heads so you’ve got a fair bit of choice for the three, or if you purchase more for a bigger unit, it’s that much easier to individualise them. I also got a set of their Orc Gas Mask heads that I may or may not use on these – or perhaps on some infantry.

They’re also huge. Stacking up as bigger than Ghazkull in mega-armour and pretty solidly to Killer Kans. Regular Mega-Armoured Nobs won’t stand a chance. So they’re also completely suitable for use as a Warboss. I also included a Terminator and a power-armoured marine, who both just look weedy in comparison.

Enough talk. Time for the pictures – they’re all clickable for larger versions:

Orky Size Comparison. Note the Kromlech Base is slightly shorter than the GW ones.

Size – Compared to Marines.

Overall Size Comparisons

Armoured heads on top. Gas Mask heads below (purchased seperately).

Torso Left

Torso Front.

Torso Right

Legs Front.

Legs Rear.

Right Arm Outer.

Right Arm Inner.

Left Arm Outer.

Left Arm Innner.

So basically, I was impressed by how they looked online, and having them in hand, I’m even more impressed, and a little surprised at how good they are (a lot of the little details just aren’t visible in the preview photos I saw) and how well they’re cast. I should point out that I’ve got no affiliation with Kromlech and I bought these for full price from their eBay store.

If you’re interested in checking out more by Kromlech, look up the Kromlech.EU Facebook Page or these figures can be bought directly from the Kromlech eBay Store.

Basically, if you play Orks in Warhammer 40k, are looking for an impressive and imposing model for your games of Deathwatch or Rogue Trader RPG, or just want a big cool model to paint up, I can easily give these my highest recommendation.