WAAAAGH! Pt.14: The other 40k Ork Nob Complete = Boyz Mob #2 Complete (Squad: March ’18)

40k Space Ork Nob

While it might seem cheaty to finish a single model and call it another squad complete, that’s exactly what I’m going to do here. Mostly because finishing this Ork Nob does indeed finish off another Mob of my Orks. I left him and his mate from a week or so ago to paint last – after I completed all of Da Boyz, because I wanted to do a little bit extra on them – and painting these metal Nobz to lead them would serve as my reward for slogging through the plastic boyz.

40k Space Ork Nob

I may have combined the two of them into a single post, but when my camera’s battery ran out, it put paid to that, as I didn’t get it charged and more importantly back out to take photos again for a few days. I’m good with that regardless, as it let me focus on this guy a little more in the photos.

40k Space Ork Nob

As with the previous Nob, some coloured washes on his armour plates and choppa to suggest heat discolouration when it was being forged (or beaten into shape!) as well as the Blood Axe-ish camo clothing and the tusks and horns on his helm painted in bone rather than silver (which just didn’t work well).

40k Space Ork Nob

Hm. I need to go and grab the model to check what’s going on with that spot of white underneath that toof on his armband. (Later: It was a spot of paint. Fixed now!)

For something a bit different on this guy, I took the opportunity to experiment with some rust discolouration effects on white-painted metal. Not a terrible start for a first try, I’d hope you agree? I might try incorporating some crackle medium next time I try it and see how well that works. When I get working properly on Ork vehicles and walkers, there should be plenty of opportunities to keep playing with these techniques.

Space Ork Boyz Mob

And a shot of him with his minions. This leaves …not too much more to complete this first Ork force from 2005. Just the Warboss, and a herd of Grotz. I used the GorkaMorka Snotling models, so we’ll see just how painful they turn out to be, as they’ll all have to be rebased in this “cracked earth” style before being finally completed. I’m guessing, pretty painful. Once that’s done, I’ll do an army shot. I can probably force myself to complete the Warboss during Neglected May, and the Grotz for Squad: June…


29 thoughts on “WAAAAGH! Pt.14: The other 40k Ork Nob Complete = Boyz Mob #2 Complete (Squad: March ’18)

  1. Nah, it’s not cheating — I did the same thing myself for one Inquisitor retinue 😉

    The Nob’s looking boss. Excellent rust streaks on the back banner. I also really like the dirty white — it actually feels like you could have done even more with that, like adding some dirty white markings to the helmet or something similar.

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    • I considered that, but went with the iron and a bit of discolouration with the blue/purple/brown inks instead, so as to keep the helmet more distinct from the camp gear (worried about it blending in too much or becoming indistinct). I think I’ll try to do more with it when I get back to the Killa Kanz, and even try some crackle medium in there as well for flaking paint.


  2. Nice classic paint job for your boys, the Nob head you used is my personal favorite! Also I have noticed your boys are all on 32mm bases is that the why they should be based now? I don’t know as I only play like one or two games when 8th ed rolled out and I was like meh! And went back to AoS. But I will never get rid of my Orks they are the best!

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    • They haven’t officially changed their bases, but I feel like the models (especially those from Brian Nelson onwards) just fit the 32mm bases a lot better. No more of Da Boyz’ feel hanging over the edges of their bases, and now that size doesn’t matter quite so much in 40k (it’s a DISadvantage, if anything) I’m going for the Aesthetics first!

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      • Cool thanks, I was just checking it wasn’t some FAQ bullshit where they’re taking the Mick and changing it after the fact! 😛 but all joshing side I agree with you I started a New Deaff Skullz army that I too used 32mm for my Nobz and heavy weapons , but I had not considered doing all the ork boys … I think is because it made it easier to find the bob and heavy weapons in a mob of 30 Boyz! 😉 but I I’d think Orks look better on 32mm bases!

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      • Nah, it’s me on this one, I’m afraid. 😉
        I wanted to change my old bases from sand painted in desert colour ro cracked earth anyway, so I decided to go the whole hog and not have them overhanging any more. It works pretty well on a bunch of the old RT Orks as well – the smaller boyz look a *little* bit small, but good enough still.
        When I get around to it, there’ll probably be a few other forces I rebase onto 32mms eventually.

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  3. Great looking group and this last addition tops it off nicely. If I had ever gotten into 40K, I would imagine I would have wanted an Orc team or maybe Necron. They both look pretty cool to me.

    That rust effect you pulled off on the white, is great. Curious to see how it works with crackle medium (something I’ve never used) in a future post.

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    • Yeah. Scale creep may be a thing but in the end, we have the models that we have, and the 32mm bases really fill a solid niche, even if they’re not “official” for a lot of ranges.


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