Scifi Heresy Girls – Miniature Set: Heresylab Kickstarter

I try to avoid pimping Kickstarters on my blog, but I’ll make a rare exception for this one. I stumbled onto this one about a week or so ago (translation: I can’t remember how I found it) It might have been while browsing the three Kislev teams that are all running at once that the “you might be interested in this” thing they have on KS. Anyway, there’s an endless stream of small producer, self-published small sets of figures campaigns running all the bloody time. There are also a lot of “Sexy ladies of not-40k type campaigns” – again, which I’m almost universally happy to ignore, but this one stood out to me.

Sorry, the render pic is one giant image.

Anyway, what stood out to me on this campaign is the …well, not a total absence of battle bikinis, but the fact that the models have a nice variety to them. There are different body types represented, there are quite a few figures with “that’s clearly armour” covering their décolletage, and a few that through the clever positioning of collars could easily be painted as clothing, armour or bare skin, depending on your personal inclination. I like that. We’re not talking Wargame Exclusive here.

The campaign is also offering pretty good value at present, with the sweet spot being pretty cheap for 14 models, and the fact that you can choose the models you like. Which means you can skip any that you don’t like for whatever reason. I’ll be skipping the flying guns-akimbo Commissar because the post looks stupid to me, but probably picking up the rest. The creator is also offering to allow the purchase of the STL files for personal use, which is an interesting twist on things.

There are also quite a few stretch goal models unlocked, and frankly, I like the idea of being able to easily run things like some female assassins from temples not called Callidus.

Hopefully it’s obvious, but I feel that I should point out that I have no affiliation with the creators, I don’t know them nor have they offered me anything to mention them here. I’m mentioning them here because I like the look of the models, and Heresy Lab seems like they can use any exposure they can get as they’re clearly not as well known as other up-and-comers like Bad Squiddo (who hardly needs me to mention her!) I’m down for a buck at the moment, and will most go in for a Level 10 on payday, probably 2x Level 10 via the PM so I can get 1 each of the models I like with a couple of dupes and a big maybe on the STL files. I don’t actually have a 3d printer, but I’m sure I will one day. I’m going to see how information on shipping, etc pans out before I go all-in, though.

It’s also worth pointing out that the campaign page says it will be delivering in May. That’s clearly some kind of dream as you’ll appreciate if you have any experience with Kickstarter. A safer expectation is to hope that it delivers before Christmas. I’m not even being mean or sarcastic there in the slightest. Just realistic.

Anyway, if these seem interesting, check out the campaign. It concludes in just over 84 hours.


24 thoughts on “Scifi Heresy Girls – Miniature Set: Heresylab Kickstarter

      • Not done any yet. The genre does appeal to me though and there are some great figures out there, these included. Trouble is I do like vignettes and dioramas and as yet I haven’t got my head around the base work. One to mull over though for sure. My mind has already started working …!

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      • Well, if/when you get to the point of doing a Sci-Fi or Fantasy Dio, feel free to ask me anything I might be able to help with/pick my brain and I’ll do whatever I can (if anything!) 🙂

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  1. Oh hell yeah. I’m in for the Assassins at the very least. Probably more. There are at least a dozen of the base models that appeal to me, and then Grandma Decay from the Add-Ons is also awesome. Thanks for sharing!

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      • Amusingly, when I went to go share it on a forum, I found it was already in the Tempting Kickstarters thread, but just with such a bland description that I’d completely overlooked it. So I reposted it and kicked the description up a couple of notches.

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      • Well, through what I’m sure is a combination of the 48-hour reminder emails, as well as people like ourselves raising awareness at the last-minute, it’s had a very nice funding bump now in the last few days!


  2. Looks good – I’ll probably skip this particular one, but I am a huge fan of KS in general (and for our hobby in particular!). Interesting twist to give away the print files though – I can imagine the day when the big mini companies just sell you a digital key to print a mini 🙂

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    • I can’t see it happening for the big companies until they figure out a way to DRM it to a single, nontransferable copy (better hope it prints properly!)
      At that point, it’ll be interesting to see if it brings in a wider renaissance of Warez. I remember the old days…

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  3. Whoa! Awesome minis. I’ve never taken part in a kickstarter and tonne honest I don’t really understand it, although I’ve never really tried to either. I like Victoria!!! Do you happen to know what ever happened to Ork G.I’s? I think it was a kickstarter thing through MaxMini but this was a couple years ago now. I’d love some Ork G.I’s to go with my German Orks.

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  4. I hope I my ‘3 Kislev teams on Kickstarter’ post wasn’t at fault for making you browse KS. Haha! I chat regularly with a buddy of mine and we try to talk each other out of Kickstarters regularly.

    I like the looks of some of those models. It is nice to see models with varied body shapes, but it seems even more uncommon with female models. I won’t be backing it, as they are more war-game inspired than what I usually play. Still nice though.

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    • I used to be all in on Kickstarters, but lately they’re more of an uncommon-to-rare thing. It was the 3-Kislev tams thing. I can’t recall if it was your post or when Gaspez was talking about them, since both sent me looking on KS to see the Kislev teams, but it was definitely one of those times!

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      • I’ll say ‘blame Gaspez!’! 😉

        Yea, I’ve backed more than my fair share. My buddy and I now have a list of criteria we seem to check off when deciding to back or not.

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      • Yeah, it’s quite uncommon for me to back a KS these days. Backing this one actually goes against a few of my “rules” since it’s a small producer with no experience or record of fulfilment. I think we’ll be lucky to get the figures by the end of the year, but I’m going in with that knowledge.

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