From the Painting Desk #5.1 – Completed Citadel Craters!

So between not needing to work today, a small sleep-in until 7:30am, and the morning being a beautiful blue sky morning, I decided that instead of going back to bed, I’d go out to the shed and try and see what I could get done on those craters that I started yesterday. Luck was with me, and I managed to get them finished. Good thing, too. The weather is turning back to it’s normal foulness tonight, and will stay that way all week…

Completed GW Craters.

Turned out alright, I reckon. Just enough contrast between the light and dark, and a bit of weathering powder to represent the dirt underneath being thrown up. I kept the palette to grey and brown, so that they can work reasonably well on a variety of table surfaces.

Works for them!

I really enjoy finishing up pieces like these – they work well across a variety of genres, as our Dark Angels, Heer, WarZone Imperial and other friends here demonstrate. I also very much enjoy being able to quickly turnaround pieces. Being able to go from basically unpainted (ok, it was sprayed and had some texture on the edges) to finished in 24 hours or so (under in this case) is always incredibly rewarding and appealing.