From the Painting Desk #7 – Warlord Games T-34/85 Soviet Tanks

A bit of a WIP update on the T-34s that I started assembling just the other day. I included them in the update a few days ago – partly to keep me motivated. At the time, my plans to finish them were “I still need to hit the whole thing with PSC weathering spray and have a play with weathering powders and the like. Add some decals and then finish them.” As it tuened out, it was a bit more complicated. I decided to forego the PSC weathering spray on these (I’ll still use it when I get around to my 15mm stuff) and instead pretty much spent the entire day today working on these. AP washes, multiple weathering powder washes, oil washes, pin washes, foam weathering, more weathering powders, Tamiya Weathering Master kits,  Decals, Micro Sol, some freehand and some touching up. And in all kinds of order.

Hopefully I’ll get the final bits finished tonight or tomorrow, and take some better quality photos with a nice background and such – but in the meantime, here’s some WIP shots showing the progression. Enough words – have some pictures!