Warlord Games Stone Bridge

Warlord Games Stone Bridge

Another scenic post today – Warlord Games’ Stone Bridge.

I picked this up quite awhile ago in June 2017 with some other stuff (including some ruined houses, apparently.. I should find those!) – but only got around to assembling it about 2 weeks ago, quickly followed by painting it. It had been cut off the sprues and then put in a plastic tub and forgotten about. How often do you hear that phrase on this blog?

Warlord Games Stone Bridge

I wanted it to look weathered and worn, so after the first spray coats of dark grey followed by a lighter brown-grey, I drybrished with a couple of tones of increasingly light brown-grey, then played around with my custom mix Sepia-Black Vallejo Model Wash, then some washes made from two shades of green for the mossy tones towars the bottom of the arch, some browns and Pledge One Go floor wax and a couple of different weathering powders.

Warlord Games Stone Bridge

I also wanted to emphasise the direction of years of traffic on the bridge, so I used a tissue (hi-tech modelling tools, here!) to “pull” the half-dried grime along the length of the bridge, creating a directionally weathered effect. I don’t have any 28mm WWII guys painted yet, so this pair of Reiksgard will have to do for the “human scale” shot. They do serve to illustrate how well that the piece works with models from a variety of eras and genres outside of the WWII-modern, though.

Warlord Games Stone Bridge

Here’s a scale shot, so you can see roughly how big the thing is. It barely fits a modern Rhino hull – you could probably fit a Predator as well due to the ground clearance that the sponsons have. It’s another nice piece of multi-use scenery. I mean, it’s not exactly approriate for Necromunda, but it suits a wide variety of historical games through modern, post-apoc (not all bridges need to be broken!) and of course 40k. Unless you’re of the new-school of 40k that thinks everything needs to be festooned with skulls. 😀

At some stage (the month’s round-up and my personal round-up for Dave Stone’s Winter of Scenery Challenge as well) we’ll be able to see it from a “front-on” angle. As long as I remember to take a pic like that. It certainly didn’t properly fit in my makeshift lightbox on that orientation!

Terminator Genisys – T-800 Endoskeletons (River Horse/Warlord Games)

River Horse Teminator Genisys Plastic T-800 Endoskeletons, Endoskeleton Crawlers

Recently I found and painted up a bunch of “Nightmares” from the long-OOP game Legions of Steel that I’d had stored in various boxes of random figures since the 1990’s. Clearly these models were inspired by James Cameron’s Terminator films, and given that I recently purchased some Terminator Genisys starter sets from Warlord Games when they were on deep Black Friday discount (because rofl@£70.00), I figured I should paint up some of the actual figures. The Resistance figures don’t excite me all that much, so I’ll likely not start on those until all of the Machines are done.

River Horse Teminator Genisys Plastic T-800 Endoskeletons

Right-handed T-800 Endoskeletons…

I set some of the Endos aside to work out weapon swaps a bit later, and just decided to knock out a set worth as stock figures. If need be, I can run Imperial Guardsmen, etc as Resistance if I want to learn and play the game in the meantime, but let’s be realistic, that’s not happening anytime soon.

River Horse Teminator Genisys Plastic T-800 Endoskeletons

Left-handed T-800 Endoskeletons…

I painted these using the same methods as the Nightmares so they share the same palette and will fit in nicely alongside one another. As originally considered, the Nightmares can act as T-600s/Prototype Endos in the Terminator game, and the T-800 Endoskeletons can join the Nightmares as Iron Warriors cultists as needed – more abominations courtesy of the Dark Mechanicum. I also added a few skulls to some of their bases because Terminator.

River Horse Teminator Genisys T-800 Plastic Endoskeleton Crawlers

“Crawler” T-800 Endoskeletons.

I also knocked out 5 “crawlers” using the same methods. Not sure what they’ll be used for outside of the Terminator Genisys game, but hey, they were easy to paint and they add another 5 models to my completed numbers for the YTD.

River Horse Teminator Genisys Plastic T-800 Endoskeletons, Endoskeleton Crawlers, Legions of Steel Nightmares

Legions of Steel Nightmares provide T-600/Prototype support to their T-800 Endoskeleton brethren.

River Horse Teminator Genisys Plastic T-800 Endoskeletons, Endoskeleton Crawlers, Legions of Steel Nightmares, Iron Warriors Chaos Space Marines

T-800 Endoskeletons and Legions of Steel Nightmares as Iron Warrior’s Chaos Cultists.