From the Painting Desk #8 – How should I base this Stone Thrower?

Another model in my “Clean up this bloody messy desk and shelf by finishing stuff” series – This Bob Olley-sculpted Iron Claw Stone thrower was first painted by myself way back in the dark ages of the late 1980’s, not too long after its release in 1988. The goblin crew have been lost to the ages due to my general dislike of Bob’s sculpting style (aside from Ogres and Ogryns), but the war machine remained, albeit somewhat grudgingly.

Bob Olley’s Iron Claw Goblin Stone Thrower

Now it’s time for the resurrection. I’ll be adding this to my Kings of War Orc and/or Goblin force (they’re separate armies in KoW, and only Goblins have much in the way of war machines) when I get around to painting more of my old-school models. In the meantime it can fit in with whoever else is on the table with appropriate crew, perhaps as war booty.

As regular readers know, I’ve been rebasing my old WHFB models to have 25mm round bases for KoW and other games, and because I generally prefer them. The exceptions being larger monsters like Ogres – though I’ve continued to give War Machines round bases. After some looking around at options, I’m still not sure what to do with this one. While it fits on a 60mm round, it’s clearly much too small. My next options are the 80mm round, and the 50x75mm square (rectangle) – and I’m really not sure which to go for.

Option A: 50x75mm rectangle

Option A: 50x75mm rectangle

With that in mind, here are a couple of pictures. Please vote or comment to help me decide. The rectangular base makes it more of a discrete piece, while the round base would allow some crew to be placed on the edges of the base (on their own bases).

Option B: 80mm Round


Option B: 80mm Round


I’ll leave this up for a few days and make a decision later next week. Just a note, even if 100% of the vote is one way, I absolutely can be swayed by a well-argued point the other way. Compatibility with WHFB is something I don’t give two hoots about, though! Once I decide, I’ll do any touch ups/cover ups or repaints I think the model needs, base it, and then post again with the completed renovation! The good news is that it shouldn’t take long either way. 🙂


Update! I got it finished!

7 thoughts on “From the Painting Desk #8 – How should I base this Stone Thrower?

  1. I am more a fan of the round than the square option. Also, I think having more space on the base for bits of stone, ruined wall, random snotlings etc is better, and the round base pictured gives you that room, whereas the square does not.


  2. I’d go with the square, but that is partly because I do base my models up to go with WHFB. If you normally use round bases, that is the right choice I think. With the extra space, this calls for more like a mini diorama approach, while on the square base the crew would better be placed around the machine separately.


  3. Thanks for the feedback guys. I’ve decided to go with round as it fits my existing KoW Warmachines (including a couple I may not have shown here yet) and also allows more space for crew and such. I’m not yet decided on whether I’ll leave empty space on the base to place individually-based crew figures in the future from different armies, or fill it with “stuff” and have the crew all located around the base. I’ll definitely be adding some diorama elements such as ammo, though!


    • (Yes, late comment) Originally I was thinking rectangular base but I’ve decided the round would look better especially after the base itself has some work. I’d be inclined to have some decoration/diorama elements with at least one space ON the base to place a crew figure.


      • I started doing some of it today. It’s totes amazing. I glued sand onto it, and then I painted the sand three shades of brown. And also black. I alsl glued four rocks onto it. So yeah, there’s not all that much room to make it especially interesting, but it should look good – especialyl once I’ve glued some static flock and tufts to it, and there’s space to stand 1 or 2 guys on the bigger base. I did notice I need to paint up a pair of shields for the front of it – which I never did in the past, so it might take a bit longer than I’d originally anticipated, since I need to figure out what design(s) to put on the shields.


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