Scotia Grendel Skull Fountains

Another blast from the past today. Well, not that long ago in some ways and a long bloody time in another.

These scenery pieces, more of the Grendel stuff I picked up in the mid-1990’s sat like so many others in storage for pretty much 20 years until 2013, when I finally got them out and finished them. Sometime around the 8th of August when I finally tallied up a bunch of stuff finished in the weeks before then.

Scotia Grendel Skull Fountains – Front-on.

As with so many of these old scenic pieces, they’re still available in Scotia Grendel’s website: 10010 – Skull Fountains. Amusingly the description on the webstore suggests that to make them particularly evil, you can paint the water as blood(!) I don’t think painting the liquid as water ever actually occurred to me. The paint was the usual greys for stone without any additional brown weathering along with an attempt for a kind of brushed-steel look with a minimal amount of rust, provided by my early experiments with MIG enamel washes. The blood was painted via a mix of GW and Vallejo reds and a touch of orange, with clear red and gloss varnish added after the rest of the pieces were matt sprayed.

Scotia Grendel Skull Fountains – Side-on.

As you can see, they’re drop-moulded and so the back side of them are completely flat and lacking in detail. You can butt them up against a wall, or either side of a dungeon archway or whatever. If you want something less dungeon-ey and more wargame table-y that’s free-standing, I guess you can always butt them up together like I have above.

Scotia Grendel Skull Fountains

A little scene to provide scale for the Skull Fountains.

Edit – After getting a request for scale shots on Dakka, I went out and added this one. They’re a fair bit bigger than they look when in the isolated shots.

9 thoughts on “Scotia Grendel Skull Fountains

  1. These pieces are classic early 90s resin. I have vague recollections they were initially part of Fantasy Forge’s range and made the transition when the company became Scotia Grendel. I’m probably wrong of course. Fantasy Forge’s remit was much more Kryomek focused than anything else but I seem to remember they did some straight fantasy resin models before they folded.

    Anyway, none of that is important, it’s great that they’re still available, still decently priced and haven’t aged at all. Lovely paint job too, much better painted as blood – makes them look the part.

    I’d never thought about it but after seeing your photo I think I prefer the idea of placing them back to back to create a standalone gaming feature rather than just using them as wall furniture.

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    • You may well be at correct there. I definitely bought them as Grendel scenery during that phase after Fantasy Forge but before they put Scotia in their Grendel. The LFGS had quite a lot of those oversized blisters of resin scenics for a couple of years there, and I bought a fair whack of them. I’d probably buy some more now to be honest, but their direct shipping rates are pretty unfriendly and none of the free shipping places in the UK seem to stock their stuff.

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      • Adding a £2 handling charge for UK delivery before any postage seemed a bit steep but then I’ve just seen the ‘Rest of the World’ P&P rates so it doesn’t seem so bad now in comparison!
        As an aside the old Nexus Hellcats and Raven Walkers they still manufacture are nice though, awful to assemble as I remember from the Hellcat, but nice.

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