Realm of Chaos: CH5 Chaos Familiars

:And now for some more truly Oldhammer models. These Chaos Familiars date from 1986-88, and were sculpted by Jes Goodwin and Bob Naismith. I believe the two on the outer are Goodwin sculpts, and the middle one could be by either.

Warhammer Oldhammer Ch5 Chaos Familiars

CH5 Chaos Familiars: Manequin (sic), Beastling and ..unnamed?

I painted these models a very long time ago. Sometime not too long after the Space Marine Paint Set was released, based on the robes the unnamed familiar is wearing. (Shades of the Watchers in the Dark!). I painted two of them with Tzeentch in mind – being the most magically-oriented of the Chaos Powers, and a nice chance to paint something different to my usual Khorne’ dominated stuff. I’m still very happy with how they came out, especially the duo-tone on Manequin.

Warhammer Oldhammer Ch5 Chaos Familiars

Rear view of the Familiars

All they needed recently was a tiny touch-up and rebasing onto more modern bases. If you think they look a little big for familiars, it’s because I’ve used 20mm round bases that I got with some of my Red Box Games minis. Our final image provides a better sense of scale, provided by a friendly passing Oldhammer Champion of Nurgle. These guys are small! Smaller than a goblin. Like Snotling sized.

Warhammer Oldhammer Ch5 Chaos Familiars, Manequin, Beastling Chaos Champion of Nurgle with Halberd

Scale Shot!

And in a surprising bit of awesomeness, I recently found that most of these figures are still available from Games Workshop even today, as part of the limited range of Direct-only metals that they still stock. Even more amazingly, they’re available for a reasonable price. If you’re someone who likes these cool old models, I’d change the flag on the GW website to your own one, and get them while you can! If you’re into familiars like this, Heresy also makes some cool familiars that fit with the same old-school Warhammer vibe, and Andy could probably use your cash a little more than Kirby…  I’ll be buying that pack as soon as I can get some spare dosh together.

What to Paint in December?

I’ve been thinking lately. My painting has changed focus a couple of times this year. At the start it was simply to “paint models and maybe get an army finished” with a hopeful goal of getting 365 models painted in the year – which I’ve never managed to do. It then shifted to getting my Gondor Army (for KoW, etc) completed, then the Moria Army was added to that hopeful focus. Then it shifted to getting things that were started (often years, or even decades ago) finished before starting new units and projects. I’ve been reasonably happy with the way most of it’s all gone, but in a few weeks I’m taking some leave from work, so I’ll have pretty much all of December off.

I thought it would be a nice thing to paint something new/different/interesting/cool, to celebrate my holidays. The question is: What to paint?

I don’t really want to slot a unit of models or even a vehicle or Knight in here – I’d much prefer a cool character, or monster, or walker. Something I can enjoy, that can be a bit of something special and cooler than my usual endless Rank & File, but not something that’s going to be off-putting in terms of assembly like a vehicle or knight. Or scenery.

Old photo of far too many unpainted models.

I’ve got a LOT of models across a lot of ranges so there’s a lot of scope/potential for something interesting here. GW, Forge World, Warhammer Forge, Fantasy, Raging Heroes, Avatars of War, Reaper, Blood Bowl, Citadel-Oldhammer/Rogue Trader, 40k, Rackham, WarZone, Dredd, (just a little) WarmaHordes, Historicals…. so I reckon I’ll ask here, and then just disqualify any suggestions people make that are out of my scope or preference (Mantic or Reaper Bones models for example are probably not up to the level of what I want to have fun with doing as a special job.)

Any suggestions??