Small Fortune and a Little bit of Glory

So the last couple of weeks has been exceedingly unpleasant, with one of the least pleasant aspects of life making a sudden and unwelcome appearance. I stopped painting for a little while, but wanting to get back to normal, I’ve started again. The first figures I painted haven’t been varnished yet, so I’ll show them in a week or so. In the meantime, my group got together a few days ago and gave Fortune and Glory, an Indiana Jones-styled boardgame set in the late 1930’s a go. We just used the basic rules, since we were learning them.

Fortune and Glory Nazi Zeppelin

Nazi Zeppelin. Insert Hindenberg-related joke here.

The basic rules don’t actually use Villain characters – or more relevently to this post – the Nazi Zeppelin or the Aztec-styled pyramids. However, when we were packing up after midnight – after having the win stolen from me by Marouda, and then from her by Orez – I noticed that some of the little model-tokens would paint up exceedingly easily. So I made that a mini-project to knock over quickly.

Fortune and Glory Nazi Zeppelin

Reverse shot of the Zep. Now add your Page/Plant jokes.

The Zeppelin actually has those little swastikas sculpted into the tail fins. Not that I’m squeamish about that sort of thing, as I play historical games, do a bit of historical study and have a pretty clear understanding on who the “bad guys” were. One day I’ll actually get some Bolt Action Germans painted up as well. The Zep isn’t an amazing model – it’s very much a boardgame piece. I had a little bit of a play with the base and flying stem to give an impression of terrain and sky, but I’m not going to knock myself out turning out a piece of art. Likewise with the highlighting and shading on the Aztec temples.

Fortune and Glory Pyramids Temples Tombs

Mesoamerican/Aztec-style Pyramids.

The mesoamerican pyramids got painted in a sandstone-ish style. Not necessarily entirely accurate, though in some photos on Google Image Search they can indeed look like this – but mainly because a bit of colour looks better for game pieces. – And because they can be placed anywhere in the world – look at that one! It’s in Egypt!

Fortune and Glory Flying Frog Productions

A promotional still from Fortune and Glory – The Colourised Adventures.

And here is how they might look when being played. I’ve given them a solid coat of gloss varnish, followed up by matte. There’s a bunch of Nazi and Mobster models as well. I’ll probably paint the Nazis as SA brownshirts rather than as DAK, and the mobsters in simple black “mobster suits”. I imagine that both would be pretty simple to do, but I’ll get to them later. Probably.

12 thoughts on “Small Fortune and a Little bit of Glory

  1. Zeppelin looks great. The step pyramids look based on the “Pyramid of the Sun” in Mexico which is more a pale grey stone – like most I’ve seen (Mexico only) – though some are a light brown. In any case, the sandstone look is very good, especially with shading.

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    • I think they’re based on the “Chichen Itza” – which is also in Mexico and also the pale grey stone (where it’s not dirty, anyway) but as I said, I went with the sandstone-style look so they look better on the game board. We’re obviously just looking at them in the “right” light… Chichen Itza


    • Honestly, my head’s still spinning. I’m at the point where I can focus on painting now though – which is better than the week off work when I just played The Division nonstop to avoid needing to think.

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      • I shan’t pry but I’m glad to hear your head’s a bit clearer. Sometimes you have to step back and do a lot of nothing to get some perspective and it’s good that you’re feeling more like yourself.

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  2. Very cool – I remember seeing that game played on Tabletop and thinking how much fun it looked. Hope things are working out for you mate, sounds like you’ve been through the mill lately – sending you good vibes dude.

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    • Thanks Alex. It was fun, but I did find that in the basic/competitive game I found that some turns can drag while you wait for everyone else to have their turns. Hopefully the co-op variant will be a bit more engaging throughout since you can use your cards to help and bail each other out of a jam.

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    • I think it’ll take a bit of time. I’ll probably do a quick job on the Nazis and Gangsters next. Need to give them a nice swim in warm water and surfactant first, though!


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