A Trio of Classic Kev Adams Citadel Greenskins

Just as with the dwarves I’ve slowly been cranking out, I’ve been trying to keep a few old-school goblinoids on my painting plate. I’ve tended to choose them based on the criteria of how easy they look like they would be to get painted, so simple clothing and/or lots of armour drives them to the top of the list when I browse my box of metal greenskins.

C12 Goblin, Oldhammer Orcs, Kev Adams

The orc on our left is one from that crossover period between WHFB2nd and 3rd editions. A Kev Adams sculpt with the fetching identifier of “Orcs with Dual Weapons 05”. Despite his rather awkward posing, it’s a decent model. I used some ochre brown in the skin mix of the two orcs here in an attempt to start varying the skin tones of these guys a bit. While it (obviously) adds more yellow to the overall look, I’m hopeful that it’s not too garish. I’ve opted to use a metal Foundry Viking shield instead of a plastic, though I’ve kept the design to simply block colour.

C12 Goblin, Oldhammer Orcs, Kev Adams

Speaking of garish… the Goblin is from the C12 range circa the mid-late 1980’s, though I’m not sure of the exact year as the catalogues are spotty from that era.the cast I have here is pretty rough, so it was a matter of doing the best I could within a reasonable amount of effort for a tiny model. It’s a Kev sculpt, but predates his “signature” goblin look, with smaller, tighter facial features and an integral shield rather than a boss for plastic ones. He actually sat in a case half-painted for many years before I noticed him recently and decided to get him done. Which also took awhile…

C12 Goblin, Oldhammer Orcs, Kev Adams

The central model on the 32mm base is the newest of this trio – a 4th Edition Orc listed in the Black Catalogue 4 (1994 filled with 1993 models) as “Orc with Sword 3”, though he’s a bit bigger in stature than his fellow, “Orc with Sword 3” painted awhile ago which is what led to me mounting him onto the larger base. He’s not as big as the actual Big’Uns, but he’s not far off.

…which kind of leads to my question for you, dear reader. While I’ve been working casually on these Fantasy Orcs, With the promise of 8th Edition looming, I’ve also been eyeing off my old-school RT Orks and the more recent 40k Brian Nelson Orcs that I started working on in 2005. (OK, recent is relative). The 40k plastics I mentioned, being larger certainly overhang their 32mm bases, though the “official” size remains 25mm. I feel that they’ll look better on the 32mm bases, just as their classic counterparts, Space Marines do. I’m not yet convinced either way on which way to go – the better aesthetic choice? The “official” choice? Wait and see what conventions on basing that 8th brings on release? At this stage it would not involve a terribly large amount of rebasing. Any thoughts?

8 thoughts on “A Trio of Classic Kev Adams Citadel Greenskins

      • Nice work on these, the goblin is a definite ‘late 85 – early 87’ model but not one I could place immediately – similar though to the hammer/net/mohawk Goblin from period that I’m sure you’ve painted up already.

        By coincidence I’ve bought my first ‘new’ GW game in 25yrs recently, *cough* Necromunda *cough* SHADOW WAR ARMAGEDDON, and I’ve splashed out on some Orks as a first Kill Team – a mix of both the modern GW plastics AND 6 or so metal original RT 40K Orks from the 80s.

        The plastic Orks scream 32mm bases (which I’ve purchased separately – despite the boxes of Modern Orks STILL having 25mm bases in) whereas the smaller Metal Orks seem lost on the bigger bases. I’m tempted to pin the old metal ones on top of textured ‘ruin’ resin 32mm bases to give a bit more ‘height’/’interest’.

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      • Yep, I know the guy. I’ll grab out some of last year’s greenskins when I do my next goblinoid group shots down the line and they can stand side by side, comparing mohawks.
        I’ve now mounted a couple of RT Orks on 32mm bases and they “fit” them well, though others will just be too small. I think I’ll vary it per figure as I have with the fantasy models. I’m waiting for my copy of Necromu.. Shadow War to arrive still. If I can convince a few people here to start playing it, I’ll have a good reason to make a whole pile of kill teams…

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    • Oh, I’m with you there. I’m not worried about GMs or opponents. I have a touch of OCD that makes me (generally) like to have the right base size, so it’s that versus aesthetics (I think I prefer the larger ones). Might require a test model, I think…


  1. These are lovely mate – that goblin in particular! That face is just superb. I’d go with the bigger bases mate – I expect that base size will be irrelevant in 8th, and it does look way better 😉

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    • He’s got a right wicked face. I like the typical Kev style of goblin face, but some more variation back towards this earlier style would have been nice on occasion rather than too far down cartoon road. I think the larger bases are going to be the winners, but I’ll rebase one ork and put him side by side with one that’s not yet rebased for a post and see what they look like. Like I need more posts right now. Too bloody many in that backlog still, going right back to the start of the year… :/

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