Wight King with Baleful Tomb Blade

After a week of not being able to find my camera, and therefore given the option of using my newish phone for photos (sorry, Samsung, you’re not quite there yet) instead, and also not quite sure what I had taken in the last batch, I’ve found it last night!

This fine fellow is Citadel’s Wight King with Baleful Tomb Blade, originally released a few years ago as part of the Vampire Counts line, he survived the transition to Age of Sigmar pretty much intact, now being a part of the Deathrattle sub-faction faction of the Death Grand Alliance. Or to those of us who don’t much care about all of that, he’s a cool looking Wight model. Like, I’m not a guy who hates AoS. The system is fine, and the models are as great as ever (generally!) but the background doesn’t do much for me, so I mostly ignore it.

This lord has an impressive cloak. I don’t usually highlight strong colours to white or near-white, especially when using colours as opposed to shades of grey, but this cloak seemed to warrant it as a rare example.

He’s based on a 40mm resin base from Back-to-Base-ix. In retrospect, I think he’d “fit” much better on a 32mm, but he’s been mounted and part-painted since before 32mm based were a thing, and I wanted the resin base to elevate him to more of a hero status. I’ve also used round bases on my fantasy models for aesthetic reasons since long before AoS was a thing, and since heroes in KoW don’t have a facing, I saw no reason to consider changing. The crimson flowers and grass tie him in with the other heroes in the Undead army.

The only strong colour on this model is really the red, with the sword having a blueish tint that marks it as a magical blade, rather than simply an old, corroded one. Perhaps it glows blue when Orc-kind are nearby?

13 thoughts on “Wight King with Baleful Tomb Blade

  1. Nice work. I have never painted any undead but if I ever did I’ve always liked the von Carstein sort of look of dark muted colours with bright red and bone as the spot colours.
    I don’t really like the background of AoS either but I see why GW did it and it is growing on me somewhat. But with the loss of block regiments it becomes more like 40k and, well, I already play 40k…

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    • That’s where Kings of War works for me. Really streamlined rules, and with a bit of imagination you can proxy pretty much anything Warhammer pretty easily. It’s also not nearly as hero-focused – and of course I just use my Warhammer (and everything else) models, and my own “head-canon” version of the WHFB world. Which is how I’m happy to mentally shoehorn any of the new AoS factions in. The ones that don’t simply fit in easily anyway, that is!
      The undead army is nominally Marouda’s, so she had some input (and final approval) of the army colour scheme. It’s one I enjoy painting and feel is appropriate, so everyone is happy.

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