Calth-based Fallen Dark Angel.

Fallen Dark Angel

Something both familiar yet new today – it’s another Fallen Dark Angel, though this time it’s the first (almost) entire model I’ve made from my Betrayal at Calth stash. At this point I think I’ll put together two squads of Fallen – one made of old-school Rogue Trader-era metal models, and one made of more modern plastics and resins – clearly, this guy is the test model for the latter group.

Fallen Dark Angel

The shoulder comes from Forge World’s Horus Heresy Dark Angels add-ons. Yeah, the chapter icon should be dinged and shipped as well, but I took some artistic licence here to leave it looking old but undamaged. I’d potentially use some other parts, such as the Forge World DA torsos and helms amongst the squad as well.

Fallen Dark Angel

I have a concern that there’s just too much chipped armour on this guy. I think it’d be fine if he was not wearing a helm, because then we’d still have his head as a focal point, but with him wearing the helmet – even with the eyes and the old-school stripe there, it disappears a little – at least in these photos. It could be poor photography, I guess?

Fallen Dark Angel

This squad will be loaded up with a bunch of combi-weapons and/or special weapons. I haven’t decided between plasma or melta yet, and I need to check the rules again to see how many they can take. In my mind I see this particular group being aligned to The Emperor, if not The Imperium, so unless they’re fighting Dark Angels, they won’t be teaming with my Chaos armies. Well, maybe against Xenos, but only with not-chaos-chaos, such as Iron Warriors. Not bloody Death Guard or Word Bearers.

Fallen Dark Angels

Here he is, alongside his Oldhammer brethren. As can plainly be seen, he towers above these older models – I must say – not helped at all by the fact that every one of them is rather hunched over for some reason.

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