From the Painting Desk #15 – Ork Killer Kan WIPs

40k Ork Killer Kan WIP

I haven’t finished anything recently. It’s been the busiest month of the year at work, and there’s been a lot happening outside of work. We’ve just finished the longest, hottest streak of November weather in Melbourne’s recorded history which is in the midst of concluding with 2 months worth of rain over three days. While Pyro and Orez and a third friend helped to sandbag the entrance to the garage, which has a real danger of water entering, the constant rain has naturally, finally overwhelmed my roof, so I’ve got one bucket set up, catching water from the first leak, and a second bucket set up in preparation for when the second one starts dripping through the dark, wet, shiny patch in the ceiling’s plasterboard. I expect it’ll start in the next couple of hours. As fucked as all this is, the weather is .. it just started. Much worse than the first one. if they weren’t coming through the down light shafts and dripping off the actual light fittings I might not be quite to stressed about it all.

But… there’s nothing I can do about it. The Bureau of Meteorology has described the heat and following rain as an unprecedented weather event, and it’s not like the hurricanes and tropical storms that others have had to endure recently – or even nearly as bad as initially predicted (for Melbourne, at least). It’s just another stressor, and assuming that we don’t have an electrical fire – could almost be described as the least of my current concerns. Though that electrical risk certainly does stress me the fuck out. I won’t be using those lights for several weeks at least, even after everything dries off and we get the roof looked at. Meanwhile, the buckets fill up drip by drop, and the road outside slowly morphs into a river…

40k Ork Killer Kan WIP

So, miniatures. I’ve had this trio of Ork Killer Kans for a few years. Purchased from eBay already assembled, I sprayed them in metallics some months ago, and they’ve sat in a tub waiting for me to finish the actual Ork force first. Since I’m stressed as fuck lately, and probably not going to be doing my best fine detail work, I’ve decided to work on broad details on these larger models to keep my mind occupied.

40k Ork Killer Kan WIP

So today I’ve added discolouration to the metal. Purple, blue and sepia washes, as well as some drybrushing of a mix of Vallejo black and silver primers mixed with Model Air “Rust”. I’d previously washed all three with Nuln Oil Gloss which is what picked out all of those dark details, and picked out the odd bit of metal in another colour.

40k Ork Killer Kan WIP

Now as effective as the discolouration looks, I’m not sure what to do next. Which is another one of the reasons these figures have sat for awhile. While my force is pretty much “Camo/Military/Blood Axe” themed, I’ve also been leaving metal items and armour bits unpainted so far. I’d most likely be painting some of the panels on the vehicles when I get to them, and even with these walkers darkened and dirtied-up some more, they could well still look a bit too “Rainbow Brite” if left untouched.

So I’m stuck again. Trying to decide if I should paint some panels, and if so, how many, which ones, and using what colours? Desert Yellow/Bone? With or without camo? Spray-paint-style lines for camo in the style of German WWII armour? (Because how would Orks paint vehicular camo – with a spray can?) or something just as simple but in a different style, like British EW Desert camo?

Or just desert Yellow/Bone, heavily weathered?

Oh, three new dark patches have appeared on the ceiling. Above Marouda’s desk, computer and printer. Time to move a whole lot of stuff and remove power boards entirely…

15 thoughts on “From the Painting Desk #15 – Ork Killer Kan WIPs

    • We were somewhat lucky I guess. The sandbags werent needed in the end but were worth it for the peace of mind, and no further leaks during Thursday night’s rain sequel.


  1. I like the discoloured metal, I’ll have to ‘borrow’ that, Death Skulls style, when I get around to my Dread. I’d go with desert yellow next, then you can still decide on a camo pattern afterwards if you fancy. Saw this via DakkaDakka earlier, that’s a nice colour I think:

    Sorry to hear about the flooding, hope things dry out again quickly and the damage gets quickly repaired!

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    • Thanks for the link. I started to add some desert yellow to the panels of the first dread. Im thinking a more pale colour for the next one with a rather stark wash…


  2. Sorry to hear about the weather stuff, definitely sounds stressful. I’d go with some toned down and chipped plates in tans and earthy greens. Maybe throw in some worn Imperial decals for a scavenged look?

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