WAAAAGH! Pt.13: 40k Ork Nob Complete = Boyz Mob #1 Complete (Squad: March ’18)

40k Space Ork Nob

In the last week or so, I’ve finally finished this Ork Nob that goes with about half of the Boyz that I’ve painted. He’s from the old-school metal Nobz boxed set from the mid-1990’s that contained five metal nobs with bosspoles. The helmet comes from the metal Black Orcs of the same period, as I wanted the Orks that lead the Mobs to look like particularly nasty bad-arses. Initially I’d painted the horns and tusks in silver, like forged metal but they simply blended in with the rest of the helmet, so I redid them as horn.

40k Space Ork Nob

He’s a hefty dude, and as with the rest of my Orks I’ve painted him with camo clothing to tie him loosely to the Blood Axe sub-faction.

40k Space Ork Nob

As the bosspole features some Space Marine helmets, I thought I’d paint them up as three of my own armies – Minotaurs, Celestial Lions and Black Templars (or any of the other black-helmeted Marines I have!)

40k Space Ork Nob

I’ve also given his helmet and axe a bit of subtle washing with blue, purple and brown for a bit of heat discolouration that also ties in with the trio of Killer Kans that I started awhile back (not much more done on those at this point!)

Space Ork Boyz Mob

And here he is – completing the squad! Well, the Mob. The thing with my challenges is that they’re all about completing stuff, so the fact that this single model was all that was left outstanding for this unit to be completed… well, I was motivated to get this guy done, and now the unit’s is completed. Start-to-finish is all well and good – and great for many instances, but for most of these monthly challenges, I’m more concerned about completing things.

Sure, the number of boyz in the mob might need to be juggled a little to make the unit line up neatly with the most current ruleset, but this group of Orks goes back to 2005, so for now – they’re all good.

15 thoughts on “WAAAAGH! Pt.13: 40k Ork Nob Complete = Boyz Mob #1 Complete (Squad: March ’18)

  1. Nice! That run of metal Nobz had some really good sculpts. I prefer the flexibility of the plastics in many ways, but they just don’t look as iconic to me as this lot.

    Also, I know I’ve said it before, but I really appreciate your focus on completing things, rather than start to finish, in these challenges. About half the time, I just end one of the usual challenges with another half-finished Unit.

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    • Yeah, I find it much more useful personally. While start-to-finish always feels good to manage, it’s much more realistic and useful to me to get things finished. I’ve completed five “squads” so far this month including this one, and every one of them was started literally years ago – like these Orks. The most recent was started about 2 years ago.


    • Cheers! With this and the other squad – will post it in the next few days – done, it leaves just he Warboss and the Grotz to complete the initial Ork Combat Patrol from 2005. Then, expansion!

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    • Thanks! I finally got back out to photograph the other Nob (camera batteries died when I was taking these shots the other day). He’s got a less involved bosspole, but I’m happy with the effect on it. Still need to write up the post, though!

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