Reaper Bones 80001: Ape-X (Monster March ’18)

Reaper Bones 80001: Ape-X

Here’s a figure that at first seems to be an odd entry. It’s a model that came with one of the Bones Kickstarters that I’ve backed, and is now available at retail as Ape-X over on Reaper’s webstore. As with many of the models released in Bones, Ape-X is a reworking of one of their previous models, in this case, Ape-X: Supervillan from their Chronoscope line. Original, metal Ape-X also has a drill attachment for his right arm as well as the gatling gun. I think I may actually have the metal version around somewhere in a tub filled with Reaper models.

Reaper Bones 80001: Ape-X

In any case, this model has been part-painted for a couple of years now – and when I started trying to get some other, similar figures completed for Squad: March, I decided to work on him at the same time in the hopes of also getting him painted to completion. He’s far from my most awesome paintwork, but Bones isn’t the world’s best material to work with (look at the “straight” lines on the power pack on his back!) and so it’s certainly good enough for tabletop – and I’m happy to leave it at that!

Reaper Bones 80001: Ape-X, Necromunda Escher.

He’s not gigantic, but at least Troll or Ogre-sized. That counts, right?

Since he’s a big guy, I thought I’d throw him in here as a small, extra entry for Monster March as well. I’m still fully intending to try and get the proper big guys done (though this weekend was wiped out since I’ve had a throat infection that just killed my painting off) – but think of this guy as something like a Stretch Goal. Just upfront rather than later.

20 thoughts on “Reaper Bones 80001: Ape-X (Monster March ’18)

    • Luckily I’ve got a backlog of stuff to post up, and I’ve recently discovered how useful and effective the “schedule” option on WordPress is. Throat infection just started on Friday afternoon and is now a chest infection, which is even more unpleasant. It looks like I’m off work today and possibly tomorrow (I’d genuinely rather be there!)

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  1. Looking good, great job on the fur! I’ve been considering picking this fellow up for a while, for use in kaiju battles (King Kong… we can rebuild him, we have the technology…) or something Feng Shui-esque (Jammers) – it’s great to get a little more context in size and what the sculpt is like, so thanks!
    Also, hope you’re feeling better!

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    • Thank you. I think he’d work (as would the metal) – just depends on the size of your buildings and other kaiju. Feeling worse so far, so hopefully it’s gotten as bad as it’s going to get…


  2. Love this mini! Particularly like the finish you’ve got for the black skin, the monocle/sight and the jaws! And you’re such a bad influence I’ve had to order two of these figures for Alternative WW2, working on the assumption that they’ll be big, but that just means they’re carrying 20mm autocannons! More impulse buying!

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  4. Get better soon. Our family has been passing the Flu bug around for almost a month now, and it really sucks!

    Nice mini and great paints. My mind immediately goes to Blood Bowl and the Simyan team. He would probably make a good big guy, maybe with a different hand.

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    • That does sound pretty sucky. I went to work for most of the day yesterday but had to leave shortly before finishing time so I could make it to the doctors. I’ve got the next couple of days off now, which would be awesome, but I’ve not really been able to paint more than the simplest things since last week now. Slapping on base coats with a fat brush level. I tried painting some thin lines on a chainfist the other day and messed the whole thing up, so… base coats.
      Replacing that hand would be super simple if you wanted to use him for Blood Bowl.

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      • Aw man. Nothing like being sick and incapacitated. Yea,
        I’d have to find the other minis to make up the Simyan team. I know that Impact Miniatures has a team, so that’s probably where I would start.

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  5. Hope you feel better. As to this simian, I like him. I painted Bones and it’s somewhat different for me as a metal guy. Of course, as usual, you don’t give yourself enough credit. This guy will bring a lot of fun to the tabletop! Kudos Az!


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