Realm of Chaos – Nurgle’s Children 2018 #11: Scotia Grendel Dungeon Crawler & Devout Tormented

Scotia Grendel Dungeon Crawler & Chronopia Devout Tormented

Time for some March Posts, finally! This pair of model has been showcased before when I first completed them – the Leech in October 2014 and the Tormented in July 2015. The leech is one of three figures from the Scotia Grendel Dungeon Crawlers kit that I picked up bout 15-20 years ago. The big dude is probably unfamiliar to most readers, being a Devout Tormented from the Chronopia line of the mid-late 1990’s. Chronopia was essentially Heartbreaker’s take on Fantasy Skirmish following on from the Success of WarZone. It came in a two-pack with a resin-metal demon-centaur… thing that had some awful connection points.

Scotia Grendel Dungeon Crawler & Chronopia Devout Tormented

Originally the leech had no specific purpose aside from getting the thing painted. You know the sort of thing – generic D&D-ish monster for RPGs and narrative miniatures gaming and such that never actually gets used. The Tormented was originally to be a Daemon Prince in the first version of my Nurgle Chaos Cult force, that I sorta created based on some 3rd-4th edition rules (Lost & the Damned). In the current force the leech will be a Beast of Nurgle (I don’t care that the model’s physical profile is radically different – just compare the GW Beast models over the years!) and the Tormented will make a decent Chaos Spawn – in profile/stats at least. Think of him as a Daemon Prince that’s failed Papa Nurgle in the worst way and has been cursed to continue serving his Patron in such a state. You might have thought Khorne would be more appropriate – but just look at that horn. He’s gotta be Nurglesque! And the viscera fits as well.

My first take on a Nurgle Cult force.

While neither of these models has an outstanding paintjob or anything, I’m happy enough with what they are – a pair of decent looking older models that have had the smallest amount of touch-up, and have been rebased onto higher-lipped bases with some rocks and tufts added to them in order to make both figures fit in better with the Nurgle Daemon force – so they now both have a home.

That’s good enough for me!

12 thoughts on “Realm of Chaos – Nurgle’s Children 2018 #11: Scotia Grendel Dungeon Crawler & Devout Tormented

  1. I like the pool of slime around the leach. The Tormented one, is a crazy mini viewed from the back. Also looks plenty big next to the rest of the force.

    Did you ever paint the lizard creature from the Dungeon Crawlers pack? That one looks kinda cool, but what a horrible paint job for the display model on the site “Let’s dip it in gloss black and slap some grey on top! I still get paid, right?”.

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    • Yeah, I thought a trail of slime (and blood on the Tormented) would work well. He’s a huge mini as well by the standards of those days. Not so big today, but still pretty imposing compared to a normal model – and what an awesome looking back half!

      I keep losing the other two from the Dungeon Crawlers and haven’t painted either. The Lizard thing has the unfortunate “feature” of having its underside-to-the-ground as filled in resin. Not a good model at all, though I could probably knock it out to a decent/reasonable tabletop standard in a couple of hours. Maybe next time I find it?

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  2. Quite the disturbing miniature. Your background for the tormented servant is a good fit for the darker parts of the lore. The slug slime effect is also well done and I am sure it will serve well in some dungeon crawl down the road.


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