Reaper Bones 77505: Dragon Plant (#Monstermarch3 ’19, Gender-Ambiguous March ’19)

Reaper Bones 77505: Dragon Plant

Finally, I’ve managed to complete the third of the three weird carnivorous plants from the Reaper Bones Kickstarter set that I got a few years ago. As with a few other models, the Gender-Ambiguous Challenge got me working on it again, and Swordmaster of Hoeth’s Monster March got it finished (on the 31st, no less! – though with the basing completed yesterday).

Reaper Bones 77505: Dragon Plant

Not a whole lot to write about the painting scheme here – I pretty much copied the same colours that I used on the Death Star Lillies a year ago, again using almost exclusively Reaper’s HD paint line. Since those apparently can manage to stop Bones models from degenerating into a sticky mess.

Reaper Bones 77505: Dragon Plant

Of course, I also have to dedicate this model to John from Just Needs Varnish, who seems to have a bit of an unnatural attraction to these plant models. I’m now all out of models from this range to paint!

Reaper Bones 77505: Dragon Plant. Reaper Bones 77504: Death Star Lillies

I’ve photographed the Dragon Plant alongside the Death Star Lillies (who names these bloody things? I guess it’s probably another Not-D&D Monster?) as well as a Space Marine. These will go nicely next to the various bits of Deathworld Fauna and provide some nice Deathworld Flora!

25 thoughts on “Reaper Bones 77505: Dragon Plant (#Monstermarch3 ’19, Gender-Ambiguous March ’19)

    • I guess this Dragon Plant is pretty inspired by the Triffids. Surprising really that there are not more Not-Triffids out there in the miniature realm..


    • I don’t know, to be honest. Something about the material, I’d guess leeches through layers of paint and even varnish – which can leave the model sticky. Reaper have never come out and explained it, and their forums are filled with people doing workarounds (and a few too many water-carriers).

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      • I had something similar when I tried to paint the plastic figures from the Zombies game- must be the same sort of material- at the time I put it down to the homemade wash I used.



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      • It could well be. The problem is all we are really told with any of them is “it’s high quality PVC”. The CMON Boardgame minis I’ve been working with lately are a few years old now, but paint up like a dream.

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  1. Rawr! I approve of Dragons in any form, animal, vegetable, or mineral. The purple to contrast with the green is a nice touch here, as are the little bunches of flowers on the base.

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    • Thank you, Alexis. I thought (on the lillies) adding flowers and tufts made them a little more flexible to be used as either terrain pieces or as “monsters”, and again on this larger one – it fits them well, I think.


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