#Monster March 3 – 2019 Personal Round-Up

I usually don’t do these dedicated round-ups when I participate in other people’s monthly painting challenges as I usually only finish a single model, or a couple of models, but this year’s Monster March has been a little different. While my initial plans involved completing four models – a giant, a bone giant, a giant worm and a dracoloche only ended with me completing the last model from that list (with several additional unnamed models considered as mental “stretch goals”, the fact was that my father’s health issues put paid to my early month’s painting work on that angle – in fact he’s been in for over a week now with serious heart issues, and we’ve had a rollercoaster of different medical opinions that have included a multiple bypass open-heart surgery to the off-pump version of the same, to a stent possibly being possible after all, to the stent having too great a risk of exsanguination (it’s a real word, Blood Angels fans!)

So the last over-a-week has been one of the most fucked-up ones in my life. Cue slightly more aggro, more swearing in general and more specific use of the word “cunt” in this blog than usual. In any event, following a week of “surgery tomorrow” that hasn’t happened and “angiogram and stent tomorrow”, which also hasn’t happened – after a meeting this afternoon with a doctor who turned out to be one of Melbourne’s top cardiologists (I googled her name afterwards), the final verdict, in her words, is “do no harm”, so rather than fucking with pointy and sharp things, there’s a slight adjustment to medication and some observation, and we take him home (finally) in a few days so he can return to his garden and real food. (I’ll get some photos up at some stage for TUG – at least one person will appreciate it!)

That’s all well and good, Azazel. But what does that have to do with the important business of Toy Soldiers? I’m glad you asked. It’s because I’m exactly like a self-absorbed 16 year old girl with her diary. It’s also because the last week (off work, because obviously – and yes, they’ve been very supportive, though no-one from there follows this blog) has necessitated me diving heavily into distraction, occupying my mind as much as possible and trying to avoid additional stress. In this case, that’s been attempted largely by painting monster models like a motherfucker and playing The Division 2. I got one model done, then another, then another …and just kept going (until they leaked into April!)

It’s also the reason that I’m (once again) way behind in reading and commenting on other people’s blogs and haven’t even started on the Round-Ups for the dual-mode March Challenges. I’ll get to them of course, but I’m not going to go nuts rushing.

So to finish up, I’d like to thank Swordmaster for running the challenge again this year, as it’s given me something external and productive to distract myself and focus on over the last couple of weeks while things have been so …fucked up.

Here’s the models!

Shadows of Brimstone Dark Stone Hydra

Conan Kickstarter Dragon

The Others: 7 Sins – Avatar of Gluttony

Scotia Grendel Dungeon Crawler (Giant Centipede)

Reaper Bones Dragon Plant

Castle Ravenloft Dracoliche

The Others: 7 Sins – Avatar of Wrath

Ice Elementals – Mantic Games

The next couple of posts will be my final models for my own March Challenges that haven’t gotten posted as I focused on getting the MM stuff up ASAP and as I completed them. After that, round-ups and April models.

30 thoughts on “#Monster March 3 – 2019 Personal Round-Up

    • Thanks Alexis, still quite a mire to wade through, and more ins uncertain than I’d like, but other things have gotten back to normal now (like being back at work – yay?)
      Thanks on the models 😉


  1. Agree with Alexis on everything! I like all of these minis, although I didn’t expect to see them together in a beach party setting! I’ve finally worked out what the dragon’s head looks like and I still like that model. And an entry to the Carnivorous Plant March Secret Challenge is always welcome!

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  2. Mate, you know I’m sitting here nodding with total sympathy re your dad; opposite side of the world but things aren’t any different. Hope you get him home again soon.

    As for those monsters, great work as ever 🙂

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    • Thanks mate – he’s home now so it’s a matter of setting things up to be as good as they reasonably can now. With that, another meeting tomorrow morning. One that’s well overdue, but still not looking forward to it.. :p

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  3. Well thats a pretty shitty week by any standards and although I cannot say I have had exactly the same experience I have without a doubt had some very shitty weeks. I guess we all have or will do at some point in our lives. If I can offer one small piece of advice without trying to sound patronising. Do try to make time for yourself. I say this only because you will be no fucking use to anyone if you screw yourself up as well.

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    • Yep, you’re quite right mate. One of the small …well, not comforts, but things I try to remember is that everyone has or will go through much of the same at some stage.
      My biggest issue right now is a very fucking short fuse when people say or do stupid things around or to me. I’ve really had to clamp down on myself in that regard at work! 😀

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  4. Echo what the other say about hoping that things start getting better soon.

    Like those miniatures, particularly the centipede. Whatever you did to get that orange carapace the way you did, it is eye-catching.

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    • Thanks Ann. The centipede was a matter of picking out one of the most garish and hard to deal with orange paints I own, much frustration, a year or so in limbo and then finally knuckling down with a wash, some drybrushing and picking out some bits in black – and clearly a healthy dose of luck in the end as well!

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    • Thanks Pete, and you’re right. I’ve been getting back into my painting properly again in the last week or so, and now starting to try and catch up on the blogging part. If only the stupid manticore I’m trying to finish wasn’t covered in stupid scales!

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  5. Great to hear your Dad is being allowed home, from recent life experience I know it can be very trying. Your output has been amazing with all you’ve had to go through, as you say great to have the distraction to not dwell too much. Here’s hoping the year get’s better !

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    • Thanks mate. He’s been home now for a few weeks, so we’re trying to get some more support (including social) in place for him, especially now that the weather here is turning. As far as the figures go – gotta keep the mind busy!


  6. Hi Azazel!

    I hope things are slowly getting back to normal. I am sorry to hear about your dad. I am sure all here are wishing him speedy recovery.

    I am glad Monster March provided much needed distraction and it had a bit of therapeutic effect. Your models are fantastic and I mentioned that earlier that my favorite, somehow, are Ice Elementals. Great job indeed!

    I wanted to thank you for participating in the challenge! Keep up the great work!



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    • Thanks for running it again mate – I was very happy to take part and it worked well for me not only as a way to get some models completed, but something positive to focus on while getting my mind off other things, as we tend to dwell on the bad shit when it’s imminent or going down – even in the many hours when we’re not in a position to influence anything or even comfort people.


  7. Wishing you and your family the best – may the tough times pass but the love live forever. Clearly, your dad must have done a great job raising you and I’m sure he’s proud.

    Much less important, but nice group of creatures!

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