Deathworld Fauna – Part 1.2 – Scotia Grendel Dungeon Crawler (Giant Centipede) (#Monstermarch3 ’19, Gender-Ambiguous March ’19)

Scotia Grendel Dungeon Crawler Giant Centipede

It’s been a long time since I posted up the first of this trio of models. More than four years, to be precise. Back then I was still using Photobucket, as you’ll be able to see, if you check out that link. It’s another post I need to delete from there and then rehost the pics here on WordPress, but I’ll get to that later. Too much on right now. Which trio of models, you (probably don’t) ask? They’re from the Scotia Grendel Dungeon Crawlers kit that I picked up bout 15-20 years ago. I still haven’t painted the froggy one, and in fact have NFI where it is right now. I’m sure that when/if it turns up, I’ll be able to knock it out relatively quickly using the Nurgle’s Wash technique I used the other day on that The Others model.

Scotia Grendel Dungeon Crawler Giant Centipede

Anyway, this is another of those rather generic monster-types that can work equally well in any pretty generic fantasy setting like D&D or EverQuest or as another Deathworld beastie in 40k, alongside the resurrected Ambulls and whatnot. It was pretty uninspiring to paint, which is why it took a few years to get it over the line (and I also pried it off the original base I glued it to put it onto this oval and build up the ground a little with putty – that much looks much better now.

Scotia Grendel Dungeon Crawler Giant Centipede

In the end, the hazard-ish, natural-ish colouration I went with was good enough, and for good measure, I did the eyes in one of the Greenstuff World Colourshift Paints, because fly-compound-eyes are close enough to this not-insect’s eyes.

So with that – and this updated Monster-Group-Shot, I’m dedicating this model both to my own Gender-Ambiguous challenge as well as another (small) submission for Swordmaster of Hoeth’s Monster March. This leaves me with one more day to see if I can get that Dracoliche done. Will it happen? We’ll see, but even if it happens, there’ll be a small delay of at least a couple of days before it goes up due to base-flocking, varnishing and then writing and photography. Let’s hope the next few days go well…

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