Skaven Plague Censer Bearer Champion (Alex’ Tale-of-AoS-Gamers Challenge)

Skaven Plague Censer Bearer Champion

What? Who has gamer ADHD? Yeah, well… today’s model is one that’s been serially neglected for a couple of years since I got it with a batch of models off of eBay. I unfortunately found this model and the other skaven of a similar nature complete motherfuckers to paint. The semi-furred style that replaces Jes Goodwin’s fully-furred skaven, combined with a fuckload of details just made this style of Skaven a nightmare to paint. It scrubbed up pretty well in the end and I’m pretty happy with the final results, but it wasn’t an experience I enjoyed or wish to repeat anytime soon. Or ever, to be more blunt.

Skaven Plague Censer Bearer Champion

Anyway, because reasons I’ll go into later one way or another, I didn’t manage to get any of the other models I originally hoped to completed for the very cool concept of growing a few small AoS warbands. I have the next batch of dark elves primed, as they have been for a couple of weeks now – and the beastmans shaman still sits untouched since January, and the next few savage orcs have had a small amount done to them, but we’ll have to see how April pans out. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get back into the swing of things.

26 thoughts on “Skaven Plague Censer Bearer Champion (Alex’ Tale-of-AoS-Gamers Challenge)

    • Yeah, they were one of my original WHFB armies, but I sold them before doing much with them at all. Just kept a few choice models from back in the day, which I really should dig out and add to this little force. I’ve got a few others queued up in the interim, though.

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  1. It’s a strange hobby of ours where from time to time we find ourselves doing something we really do not want to do. Why we bother when life is too short remains a mystery but in this instance I’m pleased you got this one done, great job mate.

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    • Suffering for the art? Going through pain/discomfort/un-fun for a worthwhile final outcome? The latter certainly gives a good description of some of my gym work and dietary changes over the last three months (but great results so far, though a long way to go yet), not to mention too many models over the years.
      The final outcome can often make it worthwhile though – for these figures, I quite like them in their completed state for their aesthetics as much as the little rush of endorphins achieved on completion. For something like that dragon from last week, the satisfaction is more akin to simply getting it done and off the table!

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  2. Given how many Models there are that can look great without being a total pain in the ass to paint, it’s always frustrating when we get to the ones that are. Well done on sticking it out and getting to the excellent finish!

    When I did my Shadespire Skaven, I decided that most of the flat areas were still fur, just smooth enough fur that the texture wouldn’t show up at this scale. Only used flesh tones on the hands, feet, and muzzle.

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    • Thank you!
      And yeah, that’s a sensible way to do it. It’s pretty much the way I do beastmen, for example – but for these Skaven, being Clan Pestilens and covered in pustules and boils, I thought the bare, pinkish skin was the way to go. Of course, “IRL” the flesh would be much dirtier and grubbier, but it’s another painting abstraction there really to have the flesh so bright – though I did that grubbiness on the clothing at least.

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  3. Doesn’t the variety of textures and details keep it interesting to paint? Why so much grief? 😆

    I switched from my Androgynous massive alien (which is WAAAAY from complete) to try and do a couple of robots, it’s going to be another close on though if I’m gonna try have them ready for the round up 😬

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    • It’s funny – usually a mixture of textures and details doesn’t faze me in the slightest. It’s simply something about the specific combination within the design of these guys. Not something I can easily explain or quantify – especially as I thought they looked great when I checked them out before buying, and now that they’re all done, I’m very happy with them. Sometimes the pleasure or pain is simply found in the process, and either can surprise you!


    • In my own experience with some of these, the issue was the way the various textures transition into each other. It’s hard to get them to look right together.

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      • These had some awkward posing with too much detail packed into places where it wasn’t needed (on the champion) while the fur-skin areas had that same transition problem you mention. Dunno, other things were annoying as well, so I’d rather not even bother thinking about them anymore..


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