Ice Elemental (Limited Edition Kickstarter Clear Resin Variant – Mantic Games) (#Monstermarch3 ’19)

Mantic Games Ice Elemental

So here we are – my final set of submissions for Monster March ’19. Sure, technically, I didn’t finish adding snow flock to them to my satisfaction until a couple of days ago, slightly into April, but them’s the breaks. It certainly was the above challenge that got them out of their zip-lock baggies and into the form you see above and below, even if it went over by a couple of days.

Mantic Games Ice Elemental

The model itself is the Kickstarter-exclusive variant of the model, in clear blue resin. I’m not sure why Mantic doesn’t do them like this as standard, since it’s certainly a lovely looking model in this form (though their studio-painted model looks pretty amazing in its own right!) Paint-wise, I did very little. A careful edge-drybrush on the upper edges of Vallejo Ice Blue, followed by White. In the “eye”, I painted the Blue GW gemstone paint, with a touch of Army Painter Blue wash mixed carefully in, as well as a careful angle for the drying.

Mantic Games Ice Elemental

The rest of it was simply done with Woodland Scenics Snow Effects flock. White base, one layer of Snow Effects mixed in with PVA. The assembled model was then gel superglued down, and after drying, another, more generous layer of PVA/Snow Effects to sink the heavy feet in, along with a couple of footprints behind them both that you obviously can’t see in these photos of white-on-white-on-a-dark-background. Finally, I added some sprinkles of Snow Effects from above in a couple of layers, as my trial of doing so looked better than leaving them “clean”.

That’s (almost) it for Monster March ’19. I’ll have a compilation shot for this challenge tomorrow, with some other thoughts, but these are the final models for that challenge.

24 thoughts on “Ice Elemental (Limited Edition Kickstarter Clear Resin Variant – Mantic Games) (#Monstermarch3 ’19)

    • I got the idea from my Imperial Assault Wampas, and for them, I got the idea from Sorastro’s Painting over on YouTube. The drybrushing alone didn’t feel like enough on the resin models. It stands out a lot more on these guys than on the Wampas.

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  1. Dude. Those look fuckin’ awesome. The painted versions of the opaque cast are pretty good, but the translucent resin is amazing, and the little touches you added kick it up nicely. The snow accumulated on top is great, too. Helps reinforce the image of them as slow, lumbering, but unstoppable brutes. I don’t think I’d pay US$18 for one of the ones in their store, but I might if they had these versions generally available.

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    • Thanks Uce! The clear resin really has a nice effect, especially with the light seeping in from behind on some angles, which is a bit difficult to capture in photos – much like those colour-shift metallics from GSW. You’ve really twigged to one of the intents of using the snow on top as well.


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  3. Looks amazing, you’ve done just enough to make the blue resin look really icy and convincing. You’ve also made me go and take another look at Mantic, I’ve not been paying attention to them in a long while but they’ve actually got some rather nice stuff nowadays.

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    • Mantic’s stuff has come along by leaps and bounds, to now be “incredibly variable” rather than “mostly a bit naff”. 😉
      There’s some nice stuff mixed in there now at least, though!

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