#Monster March 5 – 2021 WIP-Date 1


I usually don’t do Work In Progress posts these days, but as one of the miniature painting challenges being run this month is Monster March over at Path of an Outcast and Swordmaster does weekly updates, I thought I’d drop one in this week to show my progress. As I say, I usually like to keep the stuff I’m working on as a surprise because I get distracted and sidelines into other models SO often – and I’m sure it can be disappointing for some people to not see something completed. But this post will work as a show of some of the things I’m working on. I should point out now, there’s Buckley’s of me managing to finish all of these models this month.

It’s far from a nice WIP shot, and probably resembles something more akin to abstract expressionism, or alternately, your local dump, but it does show the Yetis I decided to work on, the bat-vampire-demon that distracted me from the yetis, the scorpion-guy that distracted me from the bat-vampire-demon, and also a winged demon-monster from Shadows of Brimstone, a very specific treeman, and a non-specific treeman who have all been sitting, part-done in or out of the tray for quite some time now.

Monster March did a pretty good job of motivating me to get a lot of stuff finally finished last time I was able to participate, so we’ll see how well it works for me in 2021. Hopefully I can get through a good few of these bastards!

If you’ve got something that would fit into the theme of “Monsters”, then I’d recommend checking out Swordmaster’s links above and joining in. Just off the top of my head I can think of a Bloat Drone and a Pig Demon that could easily do double-chellenge-duty this month….

14 thoughts on “#Monster March 5 – 2021 WIP-Date 1

  1. I must be missing the other Treeman, but I do recognize the big multi-armed one in the back. I bought the same one from Reaper, thinking I would use him in Blood Bowl. Looking at the size of that thing, you can see what a mistake that was, lol!

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    • Well, it’s a kind of named treeman. Hopefully it’ll be clear in a week or so if I manage to complete it…
      That other one is certainly way out of size for Blood Bowl, though! 😀

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  2. That is quite a busy hobby desk. I can only echo what others have said. Looking forward to seeing what you finish. That Vampire bat has got me most excited of the bunch although I think I see an Ent-like model in the back too and that sounds pretty awesome too 🙂

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    • Thanks mate! The Vampire bat is almost done, hoping to complete it later today/tonight and have it up in a few days. (fingers crossed!) I’m also planning to use that one as Gûlavhar in SBG as needed, since I don’t like the official model at all. I guess I could also use my Be’lakor model, though since Gûlavhar isn’t Tolkien-canon eityher would be fine.
      I’m hoping that Marouda will (finally) paint that Ent/Treeman, but if she won’t I’ll just have to do it myself…

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      • That is smart, mate. I don’t like Gulavhar’s model either. It just doesn’t quite fit in with LOTR’s other minis. Marouda needs to slap some paint on there! 🙂 Her Treebeard was awesome and I’m sure she’d do a great job on other Ent sculpts.

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      • Batman is finally finished and up – and I even got Marouda painting that treeman. Now to see if she can get it finished by the end of the month for the Monster March Challenge!


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