Grenadier Miniatures Future Warriors: Biker with Assault Carbine (Mark Copplestone)

Grenadier Miniatures Future Warriors, Biker with Assault Carbine, Mark Copplestone,, EM-4 Miniatures, Mirilton Miniatures

Following from that Catachan model used in Necromunda, we have anther not-actually-Necromunda model for today’s post. In fact, it’s one of Grenadier Miniatures’ Future Warriors models, sculpted by Mark Copplestone and sold in the 1990’s which I bought, well, rather a lot of. No, sorry, none are for sale, but if you poke around, you’ll find a hell of a lot of them still available today from Mirilton and EM-4 Miniatures, as well as very close relatives from both Wargames Foundry and of course the sculptor himself – Mark Copplestone. All at very reasonable prices. This one being a Biker, available in this pack from Mirilton and mayb somewhere on EM-4’s site as well, given that they’re both selling many of the same sculpts for whatever reason I can’t be arsed looking into.

Grenadier Miniatures Future Warriors, Biker with Assault Carbine, Mark Copplestone,, EM-4 Miniatures, Mirilton Miniatures

As with our Grendel-Scum from the other day, this guy was pretty much done and only needed a bit of touch-up and a new base. Given the fact that he’s basically a moden miniature that can also be used in games like Necromunda and Post-Apoc-Whatever, I gave him a base that fits in with the whole Necro-40k thing without being blatantly so, and something that could be in many places in modern times or Post-Apoc-Wherever. Being a biker-type, he needed both a bunch of tatts as well as something on his cutte, and so of course this is where I had space to add the Grendel touch for him to fit in with my Necromunda Gang – hence, Devil’s Hunters MC. Which also fits neatly into a few other genres.

I have to say, these models are very nice even today – and have a real nice crossover value. Once I get more of that neglected model backlog out of the way, I’m going to need to paint a whole lot more of these…

21 thoughts on “Grenadier Miniatures Future Warriors: Biker with Assault Carbine (Mark Copplestone)

  1. Nice miniature. I’ve long been a fan of Copplestone’s work (and the numerous suspiciously similar sculpts out there) and indeed I think I have a bunch of ‘future warriors’ in a box somewhere awaiting attention that may never come. Your painting is excellent, as always; the tattoos are especially cool.

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    • Thanks mate – my own Future Warriors have been in the same limbo, but I’m feeling a desire to get at least a few more of them done now – so once I finish the couple of them that are part-done, it may well be time to take advantage of the enthusiasm and get a little batch of htem done. Or at least started well enough to the point where I finish them as part of a Neglected Models Challenge month no later than 2020 or 2021…


  2. Its hard not love this guy 🙂 He oozes his character and your freehand just adds to that. I’d love to see some images of these little post-apocalyptic guys on a board or among all of the great terrain you’ve been working on in the coming months. I would wager that is coming down the pipeline at some point though 🙂

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    • Yep, something I’d love to get to once the weather warms up a little. It’s pretty cold still for the most part, and so going out into the War Room isn’t hugely enticing.
      Still, it gives me more time to get more stuff finished!

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