D&D Monster Manual 61: Tomb of Annihilation – Firenewts and Yuan-ti Broodguard

D&D Dungeons and Dragons Tomb of Annihilation – Firenewts and Yuan-ti Broodguard

Into April’s models with a quick one today – a very simple pair of model trios from the D&D Adventure Boardgame Tomb of Annihilation. They’re all simple enough to share a post, and I’m obviously way behind in showing my April shiz, so…

D&D Dungeons and Dragons Tomb of Annihilation – Firenewts

First up, we have a trio of Firenewts. Apparently other versions of these have them armed with a sword, but this sculpt has them “armed” with a little ball of fire in their hand – so I presume in the board game they’ll be ranged opponents. As you can see – very simple models, so once mould lines were cleaned up they were very simple and quick to paint, so I used them as an excuse to play with some Contrast paints over the top of coloured, highlighted basecoats. Simple models, done quickly. There’s a sort-of-OSL on their right arms where they’re holding(!) the fireballs, but on slick-looking reddish-orange skin, it’s kind of hard to make out for some reason.

D&D Dungeons and Dragons Tomb of Annihilation – Yuan-ti Broodguard

Second batch are a trio of Yuan-ti Broodguard. Contrast for the ochre-yellow and traditional paint/wash/drybrush for the greens. Three more quick and easy models that will look decent on the board game tabletop, and three more for the broader D&D bestiary that I appear to be building…

All six are fodder for Ann’s latest painting challenge: the second annual “Paint the Crap You Already Own!” challenge. And chances are strong that everything else that I paint this month as well. 🙂