D&D Monster Manual 61: Tomb of Annihilation – Firenewts and Yuan-ti Broodguard

D&D Dungeons and Dragons Tomb of Annihilation – Firenewts and Yuan-ti Broodguard

Into April’s models with a quick one today – a very simple pair of model trios from the D&D Adventure Boardgame Tomb of Annihilation. They’re all simple enough to share a post, and I’m obviously way behind in showing my April shiz, so…

D&D Dungeons and Dragons Tomb of Annihilation – Firenewts

First up, we have a trio of Firenewts. Apparently other versions of these have them armed with a sword, but this sculpt has them “armed” with a little ball of fire in their hand – so I presume in the board game they’ll be ranged opponents. As you can see – very simple models, so once mould lines were cleaned up they were very simple and quick to paint, so I used them as an excuse to play with some Contrast paints over the top of coloured, highlighted basecoats. Simple models, done quickly. There’s a sort-of-OSL on their right arms where they’re holding(!) the fireballs, but on slick-looking reddish-orange skin, it’s kind of hard to make out for some reason.

D&D Dungeons and Dragons Tomb of Annihilation – Yuan-ti Broodguard

Second batch are a trio of Yuan-ti Broodguard. Contrast for the ochre-yellow and traditional paint/wash/drybrush for the greens. Three more quick and easy models that will look decent on the board game tabletop, and three more for the broader D&D bestiary that I appear to be building…

All six are fodder for Ann’s latest painting challenge: the second annual “Paint the Crap You Already Own!” challenge. And chances are strong that everything else that I paint this month as well. 🙂

15 thoughts on “D&D Monster Manual 61: Tomb of Annihilation – Firenewts and Yuan-ti Broodguard

    • Yeah, checking the description I felt like you should need +1 Sunglasses to look directly at them ingame. The bases with the extra little tufts should for in with the ToA board tiles and still shouldn’t be too out of place on the other board tiles.
      That’s the plan, anyway! 🙂

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  1. These came out very nicely indeed! I enjoy seeing these D&D minis because I never know what kind of sculpts you’ll paint next. Fire newts that walk upright is a perfect example of this. Is it odd to say they kind of look cute/charming painted up? They certainly don’t look like the most imposing thing you can run into in a dungeon! 🙂


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