March 2021 – Personal Painting Round-Up + Neglected But Not Forgotten Challenge Round-Up

After my slightly, then significantly lower than average output in January and February this year, March saw a return to something much more like the form I expect for myself in terms of the number of completed models.

Credit to both of the month’s community painting challenges that I took part in to help with my motivation. I’ve already discussed Swordmaster’s Monster March painting challenge. And I am so far behind in leaving comments that I still haven’t posted on Alex’ Fembruary challenge, let alone Swordmaster’s round-up post – and aplogies to both of those bloggers as well as everyone else who I’ve fallen behind in – including replying to those who are kind enough to leave comments here on my own posts!


My point is that regardless of my lack of being able to keep up with reading, commenting, replying or even (as you can see here) posting – I have still managed to keep painting which has been rather invaluable for me personally, and the challenges run by members of our wonderful little community have certainly helped to motivate me to get shit done and keep on painting – so thank you to you all!

Bascially everything in these photos, aside from the Nolzur’s Shambling Mound (which I forgot to remove for an extra pic) are my submissions for Ann’s “Neglected But Not Forgotten” painting challenge run through March. Well, technically, the Treeman, Iguana and Undead Flesh Golem are Marouda’s submissions, but I helped her with them, and I’m using that and the “couples clause” that I just invented to count those in the overall numbers for the monthly tally as well. Basically, I forgot to take pics of all the rest of them without her three, and then the rest of them without her three and also without the Shambling Mound. And all the models have now been put away to various places. There’s one thing I can do though….

Here’s Marouda’s Model trio, assuming that they count as neglected But Not Forgotten if one was given as a gift to paint over the 6 months ago, and the other two were owned by me more than 6 months ago yet pilfered by her to paint…

For a few other little pics, here’s the D&D models completed in March. I’ve kept her Treant and that Reaper Undead Golem thing out of this pic, going for more of a “pure” D&D set with these.

And here are the Zombie Apocalypse Survivors of March, all together. I think they’d probably be able to hold out well, except for the inevitable infighting…. perhaps that’s why four of them missed Fembruary?

Lastly, I’ll wrap with the Zombvivors. The unlucky survivors who were infected and turned…

Whups! Hit publish a second too soon. 45 figures for March (including the 3 Marouda’s Models. So adding those to the 43 from Jan-Feb brings the tally to 88 at the end of March. Not too bad and back on track. April has been productive so far as well, so I’ll be stacking up a few more multi-models posts in the next few.

….aaaaand that’s a wrap for March. Now onto April, where Ann once again has been running a painting challenge, this time the second annual “Paint the Crap You Already Own!” challenge. Which I like to think of as the “Slap Robin in the Face” challenge for some reason…

Oh, and someone in the Community – I’m thinking Roger? or perhaps Dave? – mentioned a challenge called Monster MAYhem that runs during (guess it!) May which I checked out at the time, but naturally I haven’t been able to find the link or post for the past couple of weeks… so I’m hoping the link can be reposted in the comments here? Pretty please? 😀

25 thoughts on “March 2021 – Personal Painting Round-Up + Neglected But Not Forgotten Challenge Round-Up

  1. Yep, lovely work and impressive output! my personal productivity has taken a nose dive over the last couple of weeks, so good on you (jealous ☹ ).

    I think it might have been me who mentioned “Moster May’hem” but I see Dave has already posted the link so all good!

    Cheers Roger.

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    • Thanks Roger – I think it probably was but I just couldn’t find the link – all good now and thanks regardless as I would never have heard of that challenge otherwise. My own mojo is in a bit of a holding pattern right now as well but I’m going to try to force out a bunch of scatter this weekend and see if that wakes me back up…


    • Huh. You know I didn’t even think of that until you mentioned it! Funny thing is this is the year when I had decided I was to finally get a whole bunch of these Space Marines finished!


  2. Excellent work, I’d say mate! I’m always impressed by your productivity each month and the diversity of subject matter too. Though unlike John, I liked all of the undead minis and the Ents too of course. With the pace that I paint, I don’t think that I could ever match your output so I’d say you should be proud of what you’ve accomplished!

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    • Thanks Kuribo – much appreciated. The main thing I think is to make a hard mental distinction or value judgement on how much “good enough” is for each model. As with everything in life, you – by definition – can’t do “your best” on every single thing, so it’s a matter to me of deciding that Molerats or those Brimstone Rats that I still can’t find get a quick and dirty and they’re good enough because they’re just rats so who really cares vs that Centrepiece or Display model.
      Or even a D&D Player character model in PVC from one of the boardgames vs a cool old-school metal Warhammer model that I’m going to proxy in place of one of those PVC boardgame PC models. 🙂

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      • That is very true. It is probably easy for someone who takes longer on minis to look at someone who can crank out more painted minis and be envious of their rate of production. I usually try to go the extra mile on everything I paint so I can’t complain too much if it slows me down I suppose 🙂

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      • Yeah, though it may well be worthwhile to do some model triage when looking at your “to-paint” pile with things like rats and beetles downgraded to allow you to spend more time on Super Mutants and named heroes. 🙂


  3. Thank you, Azazel and Marouda, for showing off your painting in the “Neglected” challenge. There was some nice work indeed between the two of you. 🙂

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    • Thanks for running it, Ann! I almost feel like apologising for the amount of work I’m creating for you. You can see one of the reasons why I generally went for more limited choices within the challenges – open enough so most people can paint something, but not *too* open that the floodgates are totally open wide – most months, anyway!

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      • Very happy to have your contributions, however small (or more likely) magnitudinous! I enjoy looking at your month’s output and I imagine it might inspire some people in their own efforts.

        That is a good idea about limiting things sometimes. I do that myself when I feel like I don’t need a complete break from doing challenges but I do need to turn it down a little. I did that with this upcoming challenge where I’m only asking for one miniature (or diorama for people like Pat).


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