Necromunda ’95! – Another pair of Escher Gangers – finally complete!

Necromunda '95 Escher Gangers

The two models I’m sharing today were a mainstay of my original Necromunda gang, from back in ’95 onwards. Rather sadly, neither model (both representing the same ganger across two different skill paths) was actually ever completed. Until just now. Yeah, they’ve really been part-painted for that long. Fucking embarassing, eh?

Necromunda '95 Escher Gangers

As with a lot (most!) of the stuff I painted during that era, there are way too fucking many colours on these models. I mean, they still turned out well, and I like them – but perhaps not every model needs large sections of red, blue, green and yellow on them…

I had hoped to get these two finished for Fembruary …’19. But it didn’t happen. I was on paint hiatus last year, and even though this year my paint all ended up directed at the shieldmaidens, and missed this year’s Fembruary – I still wanted to finish my neglected Escher and not wait until 2022 to try again. With their vintage, this pair certainly qualify for Ann’s second annual “Paint the Crap You Already Own!” challenge with a very special nod to Alex from Leadbaloony.

18 thoughts on “Necromunda ’95! – Another pair of Escher Gangers – finally complete!

  1. Wonderful work mate, the colours work, but understand what your saying about not using it on every model. Back when these models first came out the style of painting was very different, and they would not look out of place in any of the rulebooks at the time

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    • Thanks Dave, and you’re right on both fronts. I’ve actually finished another pair of Escher since I completed these two (post in a few days) and they’re much more limited palette – mostly because they had a lot less done on them compared to these two! 😉

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  2. Dave said what I was going to say, I wasn’t in the hobby when these came out, but from what I’ve seen, bright colors were all the rage back then (not least of which were those Goblin Green bases everyone did!) so I wouldn’t sweat it. I think these two look great and its cool to see what the Eschers started off like for me anyway. GW has done a nice job of keeping them similar to the old designs but also giving them some nice modern touches.


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