Zombicide Toxic City Mall Expansion: Toxic Fatties

Zombicide Toxic City Mall Expansion: Toxic Fatties

A (brief) interlude from the 15mm World War II stuff today, showing the first models I completed in December. These Toxic Fatties (sounds like a Twitter “faction”, doesn’t it!) are from the rather huge Zombicide project that I’ve been trying to keep on bubbling below whatever else I’m working on at any given time. I painted the first two of these some time ago, and had left all of these with only primer, and based (mostly) “paint-textured” so I had the urge to get them painted in November, and got them finished just as we eked into the start of December. Following my plan to amuse myself by being at least mildly offensive while having fun painting t-shirts, we’ve got a comic fan who can probably barely waddle across the room unironically wearing a “Flash” T-Shirt, a wrestling fan showing his love of athletic high-flying with his “AEW” shirt, and a fan of some obscure metal band that nobody except Napster fans have probably ever heard of.

Zombicide Toxic City Mall Expansion: Toxic Fatties

No back prints for these lads – too many tears in those shirts to make it worthwhile, unfortunately. You’ll notice that all three are carrying cola bottles, but the DC fan has the diet version. Gotta watch the weight!

Zombicide Toxic City Mall Expansion: Toxic Fatties

The other five are a lot more bland. Those shirts are pretty much disintegrated, so I just varied their clothing colours while continuing to vary the skin tones slightly. As long as they’re all visibly toxic, it still works for me. I’ll just have to avoid glaringly and overwhelmingly green skin tones on my “regular” zombies when I get to them. For some reason this sculpt features a lanyard with ID tag on it, so I went with a kinda generic look rather than looking for whatever a comic-con or NASA lanyard looks like.

Zombicide Toxic City Mall Expansion: Toxic Fatties

Backsides once again. The fleshtones on all these models was largely done using Contrast paints, though using Contrast Medium, in different combinations and multiple layers at times and then picking out the buboes. I want them to look good, but these are all just boardgame models in the end, so I’m not going all out on them. Contrast paints on models like this take care of the flesh tones while letting me practise things like my freehand, texturing on blue jeans and whatnot while just having fun with it – though those bottles were a pain in the arse!

Zombicide Toxic City Mall Expansion: Toxic Fatties

And to finish – the usual! A group shot! This pic of all of the 10 in the set also features the Captain America and Dark Side of the Moon Fatties that I finished way back in May of this year. Now I’ve just started to work on the regular fatties, though I do need to go through the rather tedious base texturing before I can get to the more enjoyable stuff, and most of them aren’t dressed for as much painting fun as the t-shirt brigade of this lot…

32 thoughts on “Zombicide Toxic City Mall Expansion: Toxic Fatties

    • Thanks Dave – they need to be a pretty rich green for later on when I have the regular zombies painted – so these stand out at a glance as the Toxic variation – which is also why I’ve kept these “clean” with a lack of blood spatter.

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  1. Brilliant stuff all round, though it’s hard to look past the fantastic t-shirts as a favourite part of this project. Are you sure they’re meant to be zombies? I’ve seen a few gaming events where these chaps wouldn’t have looked out of place.

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  2. Wonderful work…. and you remind me that if I run out of painting ideas, I can go back to Z:BP and start on all my walkers, runners and fatties, etc. Being larger than the rest, the fatties are actually a possibility!

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  3. Kenny Omega approves! I love the freehand on the shirts as usual but these big guys look great all together as well. Really nice work getting all of these larger models done. Those are always time consuming!

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    • Thanks Kuribo! I’ve got a mass more regular fatties I need to get done, though I’m wanting to get a few more survivors done first, even though the fatties have some shirt design space open!

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