Shadows of Brimstone: Scourge Rats

Shadows of Brimstone: Scourge Rats

Some more Shadows of Brimstone models today after quite awhile away from them. While my main focus on SoB models when I paint them will (try) to be getting the Core Set models painted, so we can actually play the game, I have a few other sets that (mostly) arrived on loose sprues and have been started in some way or another which I will also attempt to get done and dusted – these Scourge Rats had been removed from sprue, clened up, had their integral kidney bases clipped down and then stuck down to 30mm bases with some putty added to a few of them. Oh, and then they got lost at least twice.

So when I found them the other day while looking for something else completely, I decided to just knuckle down and get them done. No fancy paintjobs or special levels of care for these – they’re low-tier trash-mob monopose enemies from a boardgame. I’ll save my time and energy for more important models, so getting them to the point of looking good on a tabletop was all I needed here.

Shadows of Brimstone: Scourge Rats. Reaper Berkerly, Chainsaw Girl

Glued the ones that had p[opped off the bases back down, added a mud texture paste in a couple of layers to all of them, sprayed black, drybrushed the base back up, and then drybrushed the rats in several layers until picking out the tails and other details, some washes and contrast, and done. Table-worthy models that will look good in context without taking too long to get painted. Win!

As a bonus, Chainsaw Girl Berkerly makes her first size-comparison cameo of 2022.

23 thoughts on “Shadows of Brimstone: Scourge Rats

    • Thanks Luke! Yeah, I’m right now working on some other fast models that I found at the same time – though I still haven’t found the ones I was looking for that were/are for Fembruary… :/

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    • Good point, Dave – I’d forgotten about the rats in Necromunda since I never had any of the metals from back in the day. Plague rats from the Outlands Scavvies gang? I wonder if they’ll make it back into the new Necro…?

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  1. And they look good, no doubt! We just learned from your post the existence of this game, of which we knew nothing: the “bad guys” to face are really various, even Cthulhu, if we have seen correctly. Would these monsters be some kind of mutant giant rats? If so, then to face them, rather than a rat catcher, it is better to send a girl with a chainsaw!
    Your hobby room must be a kind of cave of wonders, filled with lost miniatures just waiting to be found …

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    • Thanks! It’s a pretty wide-ranging boardgame. The first version(s) have the players as Wild West characters whiule the second have them as Traditional Japanese characters (Samaurai, etc) and the next one (still waiting for release) has the players being Vikings.
      Berkeley, the Chainsaw girl is my go-to size model, so she’s gone up against zombies, golems, giant insect creatures, dinosaurs and everything else under the sun – and yet she always soldiers on to the next foes! 🙂
      I should get some hobby room photos taken again, though it needs some serious clean-up again after the last few years. I’d planned to clean it up over the last few months of lockdown but ended up having to sit down a lot of the time instead! 🙂

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  2. They look great and its good to finally finish them off too! I agree with what others have said above that these are some versatile minis that you can use for many different things if you don’t end up enjoy SoB. But hopefully, you will! 🙂

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    • Glad to add to your hobbyist lexicon, Mark! I reckon a 15mm PzIII’s shots would (mostly) take them out in a single shot – some might survive a lucky shot (thinking gunshots on wild game) the tankers would be pretty safe inside I think, unless the rats somehow upended them. The tank’s main challenge would be hitting the rats at their scurrying speed -and then trying not to run out of ammo. If the rats avoided enough shots, they could wait out the snacks in the tin can…


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