Shadows of Brimstone Forbidden Fortress: Flesh Mites

Shadows of Brimstone: Flesh Mites

So I did that thing several months ago where I pick out several sets of simple boardgame models to smash out for the “easy win” factor. As with the Scourge Rats from the other day, these Shadows of Brimstone models pretty much got forgotten about when I neatened up the painting area so I could concentrate on tanks for awhile, and I actually found them in the same Sistema tub that the rats were “filed away” in. And then, basically, I saw how simple they were and knuckled down and knocked them out, starting one evening and concluding the following day – including spray prime, basing and drying time.

These ones are actually from the second SoB Kickstarter campaign, Forbidden Fortress, though I’m pretty sure it’s all cross-compatible. I do need to concentrate on the 1st KS’ models, particularly those from the Core box if I want to actually play the thing, though. How to paint them? I didn’t really like the box art. At all – so not like that.

A bit of googling got me this image of a model of a dust mite. Creepy little fucker, ain’t it? It also gave me my direction, even though this Dust Mite is far better looking than the SoB model that has a bit more Trilobite happening. Ah well, still a lot more inspiring than that box art!

Shadows of Brimstone Forbidden Fortress: Flesh Mites, Reaper 50153: Berkeley, Zombie Survivor

I picked out the “barnacles” on their carapace in a bone colour since that adds visual interest, and used Contast over a pale flesh for the tentacles for a stereotypical slimy pink, because tentacles. As per usual, my chief Monster Hunter – Chainsaw Girl Berkeley makes an appearance for size-comparison purposes as well as providing an excuse to see the models’ backsides!

We’re in the final stages of my January models, so this is very much another set down for Dave Stone’s current Paint What You Got challenge. One more (crossover) post for Jan, then the January wrap, then into February’s stuff that I’ve just started to finish…

11 thoughts on “Shadows of Brimstone Forbidden Fortress: Flesh Mites

  1. Cool looking minis. That’s one of those that would sit in my drawer forever and get a pass every time, as I’d just have no idea how to paint it up. Yours is excellent though and love the looks of those colors.


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