Zombicide Survivors “Spencer” (Bryan Cranston as Walter White/Heisenberg) and “Josh”

Zombicide Survivors Zombvivors “Spencer” (Bryan Cranston as Walter White/Heisenberg) and “Josh” (Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman)

We have another pair of Zombicide survivors today, but with a Breaking Bad theme – We have “Spencer” (Not-Walter White) and “Josh”, who isn’t anyone in particular.

Zombicide Survivors Zombvivors “Spencer” (Bryan Cranston as Walter White/Heisenberg)

Zombicide Survivors Zombvivors “Spencer” (Bryan Cranston as Walter White/Heisenberg)

“Spencer” is one of the more interesting survivors in that his Zombivor form isn’t the same outfit as the living version, but wearing the Hazmat suit seen on Walter White in the show.

I kept my palette on him pretty similar to the artwork, which in turn is pretty similar to how he looks in (certain parts of) the series. My only real change was changing his glasses to the dark sunglasses, at least in the Survivor version.

Zombicide Survivors Zombvivors “Spencer” (Bryan Cranston as Walter White/Heisenberg)

I’m pretty happy with how he turned out in the end. I’m not sure if we ever played with him in the previous campaign, but now he’s painted we’ll be dropping him into the deck of cards we use to select each mission’s protaganists.

Zombicide Survivors Zombvivors “Josh” (Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman)

Josh was one of the original core set survivors from the first Zombicide box, and (like Ned) it’s taken until now for me to get him painted.

His original/canon design features a grey hoodie with the Guillotine Games logo on the chest. As I’ve mentioned a few times, there have been BGG/Reddit threads trying to identify who the many homage survivors are supposed to be, as they’re mostly obvious but occasionally less so. One of these threads had someone speculating that Josh was in fact supposed to be Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad because… hoodie, I guess?

I think this is clearly not the case, but when it came time that I started to paint my obviously Walter White/Heisenberg model, I decided to paint Josh as Jesse. Because, well, Josh isn’t anyone anyway, so why not? Finding a hoodie that would work well took a bit more time.

Zombicide Survivors Zombvivors “Josh” (Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman)

I eventually went with this black/red hoodie as it looked good and was doable with paint. I did the red “Affliction”-style patterning by stippling it on.

I also painted in Jesse’s “Borneo Scorpion” wrist tattoo on both versions of the model.

So another two survivors dropped into gameplay rotation, which is always a welcome thing. This just leaves Amy and Wanda as the last of the core set Survivors needing to be painted.

Zombicide Survivors Zombvivors “Ned"

Oh, and I went back and added in Ned’s missing Watchmen Comedian badge…

19 thoughts on “Zombicide Survivors “Spencer” (Bryan Cranston as Walter White/Heisenberg) and “Josh”

    • Thanks Dave! I have to say I’d be enjoying them a lot more without having to paint the near-identical Zombie versions as well – especilally on models with specific patterns or tattoos that have to be duplicated (like the ones I’m working on now!)

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  1. These look great and its always fun to see what kind of heavily inspired by popular fiction sculpts you’re painting for Zombicide 🙂 If nothing else, I think these two are equipped to handle the violence of a zombie outbreak!

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    • Thanks Wudu!
      I need to get back to BB as we started watching it before sleep but it was just too intense. What we watched of it was brilliant (mid-Season 2).
      Zombicide is also an excellent game, and has the benefit of being solo-friendly, casual-friendly and partner-friendly, all while being pretty light and also quite cinematic (even without all the pop-culture knock-off characters!)
      – I highly recommend both!

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