#Fembruary 2022 Completed!

Here’s my final round-up for the #Fembruary 2022 community painting challenge, originally started by Alex from the Leadbaloony blog. This year Alex was rather busy and so this corner of the blogging community just went ahead and did it anyway in a more decentralised manner. Unlike last year when I had a strong focus and painted a Warband of Viking Shieldmaidens, 2022’s models were a little more eclectic, with a mixture of models I actively wanted to get painted for gaming – focusing on females from within that sphere – some models that had been hanging around part-painted for years (or longer) and a couple that were picked out and painted specifcally due to it being Fembruary.

Me being me, of course I didn’t get nearly as many models done for this challenge as I’d wanted to – and in one case couldn’t even find a specific set I wanted to paint for this year’s challenge even after finding them and setting them aside! I’ve got 9 more models in the medium-to-high priority category sitting on the desk that range from close to finished to primed and based, so hopefully I can get all of those painted in the next couple of months regardless of any specific challenge to get female models painted!