Necromunda! Necro’17 Consoles & Levers

Necromunda! Necro'17 Consoles & Levers, Necromunda Barricades and Objectives 2017

We’re entering a bit of time where I’ll be switching from trying to have posts every second day to daily for a little while. That’s because I’ve finally (mostly) gotten over my winter illness(es), am feeling alright (if very tired) and have a bit of time from work to get painting between weekends, leave from work and a couple of public holidays. Since it’s already mid-September and I still haven’t gotten the August round-up done, if I stick to the 2-day posting schedule with what I already need to post, it’ll be the 21st of September when I post the stuff that already needs to be posted. Assuming I don’t finish any more models before then. And I’m planning on finishing several more models before then…

I do prefer to have more short posts with just a couple of models than more infrequent mega-posts, even if posting more frequently has far fewer views or comments, simply because it’s easier for me when I want to go back and check on things, though I will of course “stack” things that go together. I justy don’t want to be in the situation of spending half of October posting up September’s models…

Necromunda! Necro'17 Consoles & Levers, Necromunda Barricades and Objectives 2017

Anyway, meta-commentary aside, I finally knuckled down and made myself assemble (ok, glue down) and paint these small console pieces, originally from the Necromunda: Underhive boxed set released in 2017. yes, these simple things have been sitting around for 5 years… I’m ashamed. I used some Vallejo Smoky Ink on these to give a grimy, used look but that hasn’t come up well in the photos. I also used HIPS bases from the Sedition Wars Kickstarter, which were the only positive thing to come out ot that experience. When taking these pics, I found it funny to see the size of them when compared to normal humans as well as some marines. The only model that doesn’t look tiny compared to them is the Primaris. Perhaps they were originalkly designed to be used without bases, though without bases they’re the least stable things you’ll have ever encountered in your life.

These bits are currently available in the Necromunda Barricades and Objectives set from GW. I’ve painted …most of the other bits and pieces from the sets a lot closer to when I picked them up, and it looks like I’ve now only got the ammo crates, loose ammo, little shrine-things and objective markers to go. So if I ever find them and am in the right mood, I should be able to smash them out. See you tomorrow with more little bits and pieces!

24 thoughts on “Necromunda! Necro’17 Consoles & Levers

    • I don’t believe I have – though to be fair I haven’t painted all that much of the new stuff, and the line between Necro and 40k (and now Kill Team) scenery is …blurry at best.]
      I’ve got a few more assembled, primed and partially base coated Mechanicum pieces I want to get done so maybe once they’re finished I’ll manage to have a game on a bunch of it and take some photos. 🙂

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    • Yeah, probably originally, though I noticed in the GW listing for the terrain they have them based – so probably a later decision by GW after the wonky balance on the finished pieces. I guess you could glue them down to a more permanent board and they’d look fine.

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  1. Excellent work on the consoles mate, the stability is a problem, but great solution with the bases, perhaps they were designed to make sure children couldn’t reach them, not that Necromunda or 40K ever has children in it, or maybe it’s to stop ratling snipers and Squats from reaching them ! LOL

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  2. Well, since I’m very familiar with these bits.. it is of course a joy to me to see them nicely painted. I can’t remember how far I got on most of the base set, I think most is in the primed stage. Looking forward to seeing maybe more from this set if you get around to it, as it’s inspiring!

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      • As it turns out, I saw both posts and commented on them before, haha! Interesting to see how your stuff turned versus Wudu’s at the time. It’s weird to see the same pieces, but painted in two different styles, and yet they both look great! I guess that’s what makes them pretty cool!

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      • Thanks! One day I’m going to have to do a full table setup.. at this rate it won’t be until I have some proper time off work during the summer so I can really put more work into clearing space in the shed so I can clear the table, though!


    • Thanks Pete! Turns out I’ve spent a lot of the last two days in bed just recovering from the last couple of months, so hopefully I get over this quickly and can enjoy some of my time off! 😡


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