December of Zombies: Zombicide 1st Edition: VIP Zombies – Pimps and Construction Workers!

Zombicide 1st Edition: VIP Walker Zombies - Zombie Pimps, Zombie Construction Workers, Very Infected People

This post marks the final of my VIP Zombie models getting painted – a success fo rme as i really wanted to finish the last of them before the end of 2022 – so I’m pretty happy that I managed to do so.

Zombicide 1st Edition: VIP Walker Zombies - Zombie Pimps, Very Infected People

The first four models are obviously supposed to be Pimps – or at least individuals dressed as such. These four took forever to paint, since I wanted all four to look pretty good in terms of their painting as well garish yet balanced in their overall schemes avoiding that “skittles” look that a lot of my older models from the 90’s suffered from. Having batch painted SO many basic walker zombies in suits, I really did enjoy the VIP zombies as a whole since so many of them gave me an excuse to do something quite different to my usual schemes and models, while still serving as good practise for future models.

I decided that with that hair sculpted atop that outfit one of them would be inspired by Danny John-Jules in his unforgettable role as The Cat in red Dwarf, so he got extra effort on his coat. I mean, all four of them could be inspired by his flamboyant wardrobe in that show – especially the red and purple outfits – and the Zebra Print look was more iconic, but regardless I wanted to give him Leopard Print. – owwwww~!

Zombicide 1st Edition: VIP Walker Zombies - Zombie Pimps, Very Infected People

I’m not sure why Guillotine Games seem to have such an obsession with Pimps – with the Pimpmobile and Pimp weapons before these models showed up. I recall last year while showing/teaching the game to some teenagers one of them piped up when I was explaining the Pimpmobile – I had to explain how in the game it’s not related to prostitution, but to older expressions like “pimped out” meaning “blinged out” so its describing a car that is “pimped out” – like that show “Pimp my Ride”…  


Zombicide 1st Edition: VIP Walker Zombies, Zombie Construction Workers, Very Infected People

This final pair of VIP Zombies were actually started a few months ago, but for various reasons were just one of those sculpts that threw up mental blocks time after time until I eventually just had to mentally muscle them to completion. Plenty of construction work happening around my workplace, and so a good chance to see that Hard Hats and Flouros really vary a lot even on the same jobs. Both vests are painted in Vallejo’s Fluorescent colours, and the “white” stripes on them are done with AK’s Pearlescent White. Most of the effect of both is lost with my photography, but they look prety decent in hand. I also hit both helmets with a gloss finish, which you also can’t see or notice in the photos. I’m just happy to have finally gotten these two finally done, finally. 

Once again, these models were completed after Boxing Day, and again qualify for Dave’s latest Paint what You Got challenge. I’ll have a little mini-Round-Up for the PWYG Challenge in my December Round-Up, since I’ll be putting all of these Zombicide models away after I do my last photos for Deceber and mixing them into the storage with the others from months previous.

And with that, I’ll wrap this post up. See you tomorrow!

25 thoughts on “December of Zombies: Zombicide 1st Edition: VIP Zombies – Pimps and Construction Workers!

  1. Excellent work on all your VIP zombies mate, when I quickly glanced at the first picture I thought why is he doing a Village People revival ! LOL Great inspiration using Cat, and excellent detailing.

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  2. Once again a great result on the clothes, for the accuracy of reproducing patterns and shine/fluorescence. Often we don’t pay attention to the texture and colour of different materials, and painting miniatures is a great testing ground to think about!
    We can’t wait to see the “family photo” of the whole zombie horde!

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    • Thank you! These were certainly an opportunity to play with different looks and textures to normal models. You can’t really see it in the photos, but the white shoes and white cloak inner and yellow cloak inner have a pearlescent metallic sheen, as well as the gold used on the waistcoat and the other jacket’s inner area.
      Full zombie photo is on the cards, but not for a little while yet!


  3. Zombie pimps. Now I think I have seen everything! I’m guessing the youths of today don’t know Pimp My Ride which is crazy to think about. That show was inescapable like Cribs was for a few years there. Great job with this group of zombies and keep ’em coming! 🙂

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      • It is. I noticed that a lot when I was still teaching. I was maybe five years older than the students at the time but even some things that I grew up with were already irrelevant or viewed as ancient history by them.

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      • It’s that “time before I was properly self-aware” thing. “Modern times” really only start to happen to individuals when they hit around 15-17 really. Before that they’re pretty much in that bubble of childhood where you’re somewhat aware of big events but mostly concerned with riding bikes, playing fortnite and eating paste. 😉


  4. Great job on those pimps. Dig those coats, man! Looks like their head is the same or similar to the goths? I don’t know that I’ve tried Vallejos fluorescents, but I found AK’s to be difficult to cover with. They have more of a gel like consistency than the rest of their paints. Like painting with Warcolours. Probably needs to be thinned a lot.

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    • Thanks Faust! The heads are pretty different on the two sculpts – the goths have a really odd shaped head with a low forehead compared with other zombicide models. I may have used the AK Flouro paints on these actually – they both seem to be pretty similar in use. I have to use them over a white through yellow undercoat, and even then it takes multiple coats. (And is a bitch to shade).

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      • Do you end up thinning the Fluoro paints a lot? I’ve just been doing swatches with them, and the gel-like consistency seems like it would be hard to use on anything bigger than say a gem.

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      • I really didn’t thin them at all, from memory. Essentially with such a weird proportion of medium to pigment, I just let it do its thing over several coats…


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