December of Zombies: Marvel Zombies: Heroes Resistance: Black Panther & Winter Soldier

Marvel Zombies: Heroes Resistance: Black Panther & Winter Soldier, Zombicide Bucky Barnes, Zombicide T'Challa

Back in February last year, CMoN Kickstarted a new variation of their Zombicide Franchise – Marvel Zombies. While the first wave of that game has shipped (for people who paid extra for split shipping, unlike myself), there’s also a lot of stuff in the second wave that’s not due until mid-year, so we were surprised in the later part of 2022 to see that Marvel Zombies: Heroes Resistance was a thing that suddenly existed. It’s basically a model-and-tile-lite version of the Players-as-Heroes version of Marvel Zombicide, packaged with alternate sculpts and in a mass market-friendly priced package. So… we located a store that had a couple of copies, got one put aside, and then the next day, Marouda set out into the wilderness of one of the large local Shopping Malls and bought it. (And also brought home some nice lunch).

Marvel Zombies: Heroes Resistance: Black Panther & Winter Soldier, Zombicide Bucky Barnes, Zombicide T'Challa

We’ve played through most of the game’s scenarios so far, and at one point I removed these two to quickly get painted because painting black would be easy. Unfortunately, I didn’t find them especially easy. I finished Black Panther first, at the start of December and then Bucky got finished as one of the very last models of the year at the end of December. So much black and near-black needing subtle highlights, especially on musculature. Argh. Too bad there’s no shortage of addiitonal models I have here needing the same painted onto them.

As 32mm models these models are a bit smaller than Marvel Crisis Protocol models, so you could use them in a pinch, but they do have smaller bases and such. I’ve still got quite a few more from this set to get through eventually and I think I’m going to make that a 2023 painting goal to help maintain focus to ensure it gets done. With the timeframes that these got painted, Black Panter does not qualify for Dave’s latest Paint what You Got challenge, however – James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes does!

27 thoughts on “December of Zombies: Marvel Zombies: Heroes Resistance: Black Panther & Winter Soldier

    • I rewatched it recently, and quite enjoyed it – but then I tend to enjoy most of the first three phases of Marvel’s movies! Black Panther is pretty good – filled with Marvel tropes and cliches of course, but if you can get past those – quite good!

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  1. All black mini = easy painting??! Mate, abandon these illusions once and for all! Our high hopes are long over: we are still fighting with fifty (and more) shades of grey to achieve something satisfying with black… However, the results achieved by an experienced painter like you are there for all to see ! Out of curiosity, what brand and range of black paint do you use?

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    • Haha yeah it’s a mistake I keep making. The thing is that simple textured black is easy, but then when I want to do “nice” black, it’s a lot more work – espcially on skin-tight bodysuits!
      My “base” black paints are Vallejo Surface Primer Black and/or Vallejo Surface Primer German Panzer Grey. It might sound odd,. but the Vallejo Surface Primer works perfectly for overpainting over a spray prime or other colours, and is very thin, yet highly pigmented and mixes with everything I’ve ever tried to mix it with. Everything else works around one or both of those two.
      I just buy them in the inexpensive 200ml Airbrush bottles and decant them into standard dropper bottles for everyday use but you can also pick them up in smaller sizes.


  2. Being a fan of superheros, it’s really cool to see these. I also really enjoyed the Winter Soldier movie and the works of the Comics writer (Ed Brubaker) who wrote the comics that the movie was based off of. That black is beautifully painted and I can see why it was such a pain, but man it’s great looking. I might have opted to try blue highlights on the Panther as his original costume was basically dark blue. Though the costume here I think has mainly been highlighted in grey, as you’ve done. I’m used to seeing the bone bits as metallic gold, but I’m sure there have been other versions (silver, bone, etc.). Great job mate! 😀

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    • Cheers mate!
      Yeah, I only ever had a passing familiarity with Black Panther from the comics but when checking references I saw his accoutrements painted in a number of colours, so just picked one that fit.
      Similarly, blue was always the standard way that black was highlighted in them regardless of the character for many decades. I’ve got so many black-wearing heroes and heroines that I’m going to be using those different shades of black across them to make them look a bit different when alongside one another.
      oh, and I think you’ll enjoy it when I get to posting January’s stuff…

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  3. You have an impressively large Zombicide collection as is, mate and its cool to see you adding Marvel on top of what you already have. As others have said, these both came out well and the fact that the sculpts are of fan favorite characters doesn’t hurt any either! 🙂 I will look forward to seeing more of these minis as you get them painted up. As you know, I enjoy Marvel as much as the next wargaming miniature blogging enthusiast! One of these days I might even have time to paint one up for fun.

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