January 2023 Monthly Round-Up

Yeah, I know – long time, no post. Again. The short version is that work right now is more brutal than it’s ever been in all my time there due to a number of issues, and on top of that we’ve had a pretty hot February compared to the last few while at the same time the AirCon has packed it in along with heatwaves covering almost every weekend – so my weekends lately are a lot less …productive. Or pleasant. So with that, it’s time for the rather belated January Round-Up.

January was essentially a handful of this, a handful of that, and a pile of those. What that actually means is that I got the remainder of my Zombie Dogz painted as well as a single Hasslefree Zombie and the Abominabear from the Western-themed version of Zombicide.

The second handful of models is of course the collection of Original and newer Marvel Crisis Protocol models – Three more from the core set: Black Widow, Captain Marvel and Baron Zemo as well as an earlier model in Venom and some slightly later ones in three of the Winter Guard – Red Guardian, Ursa Major and Crimson Dynamo.

The pile, of course is the 18 Secret Weapon Tiles that I managed to complete. I still have the second half of them to work through – the ones with actual roads on them – and the hope now is to get them done if not before, then over the Easter Break.

Creating my initial tally for 2023 so far: 11 dogz, 2 other Zombies, 18 tiles and 7 Crisis Protocol models – for a total of 38 models. A lot more than I’ll have for February, but I’ll get to those in the next few days! Hopefully when (if!) work calms down, I’ll start to catch up on people’s blog posts. Not that some of you make it any easier to catch up – you know who you are! 😉

21 thoughts on “January 2023 Monthly Round-Up

    • Thanks mate. This weekend is going to suck (especially with a scheduled power outage for most of Sunday when the house will already be like an oven).
      We have a bloke booked to come sometime next week, so hopefully that can get it sorted out…

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  1. I’m sweating just thinking about Oz with no A/C… Five or six years back, I rented a place with no air conditioner and the summers were rough! I hope you’re able to get a new one quickly and get back to doing what you enjoy. Sorry to hear about work being busy too. Things have picked up for me but nowhere near as bad as what you’re dealing with at the same time.

    I think those tiles still look outstanding and getting so many done is really great. They’ll certainly come in handy in the future!

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    • Thanks mate. Honestly, work is in pretty rough shape right now across the entire place when it’s usually pretty decent at this time of year, and most of it won’t be getting any better for quite some time by the look of things.
      Not having a cool respite on the weekends has really made life suck! It got to 41.7C (107F-ish) here last weekend as part of last week’s heatwave. :p
      Only finished a few models so far this month (6, I think? and 5 bits of terrain) so I’m certainly looking forward to cooler weather and some relaxed hobby time – roll on, Easter Break!

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      • 107 is rough even if that is a dry heat! I used to complain about the low 90’s with no A/C because it was a fairly humid heat but then again, I don’t do as well with heat as some people do. Either way, I hope you and Marouda and Leonard all manage okay!

        Your model and terrain count sound a lot closer to what I manage in a month so that doesn’t sound too bad to me 😉 I do hope you get a break soon though! I know I could certainly use a couple days off and I don’t have an Easter Break to speak of so my nose will be pressed to the grindstone for a while.

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      • Yeah, today is just a kind of stagnant day waiting for the rain to come and cool the place down. Just kinda floating around 25C/77F all day after a night that was just a couple of degrees cooler while the house is already a pre-heated oven… Probably need to keep the place opened up overnight so tomorrow is bearable.
        Hopefully you get some work respite as well soon – it doesn’t sound too fun over there either!

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  2. The planet (and humans) are all going crazy, I tell you! Sometimes I think I’m just getting older, but the project load just keeps getting worse and worse. And weather wise, we’re in a “snowstorm”. Yea, I’ve seen way worse in Alaska, but it’s pretty bad for the area we live in currently and people aren’t prepared for it. Still, I would take that over 107 and no AC any day! 😜 Excellent minis and I really enjoyed seeing these on the first go round. Hang in there and hope the AC tech gets to you soon!

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    • Thanks mate – the pandemic just seems to have massively accelerated how fucked a lot of things are! Today is scheduled to be another scorcher, though tomorrow now has rain forecast earlier than it originally was, so shouldn’t reach the same heights as today and yesterday (fingers crossed).

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  3. Really interesting seeing the scale of these all lined up. That zombie bear is huge! I think Ursa should have been about a head taller than Crimson Dynamo, but I imagine they have a certain height limit for the game. I wonder how big Hulk is? You did a great job on all of the minis, and it’s really cool to see the Marvel heroes you’ve got done so far. It’s going to make for a great looking game!!

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