Zombicide 2nd Edition Abominations: Lankyman & Black Dog #Monstermarch7

Zombicide 2nd Edition Abominations: Lankyman, Slenderman, Slender Man, Black Dog

The next pair of models I’ve got to show for for Monster March over at Path of an Outcast are these two Stretch Goal/Promo Abominations from Zombicide 2nd Edition. We have Lankyman – which is clearly CMoN’s copyright-dodging version of the “creepypasta” internet monster meme-thing known as “Slenderman”. The second of these is simply called Black Dog, which I assume is the Black Dog from Folklore – or the Barghest. (As opposed to a reference to the Led Zeppelin song, or Churchill’s Black Dog of Depression)

Zombicide 2nd Edition Abominations: Lankyman, Slenderman, Slender Man, Black Dog

Both of these were pretty straightforward to paint. I decided not to add blood spatter to either of these particular abominations. It turns out that Slenderman has an association with some specific “pages” in some of its lore, so I found those online, shrunk them down and printed them out before cutting and adding them to the base with PVA as a little final thematic touch for that model.

12 thoughts on “Zombicide 2nd Edition Abominations: Lankyman & Black Dog #Monstermarch7

  1. Slender man is one of those cyrtids I’d never heard of till I started watching “Paranormal caught on camera”, but you’ve done a stunning job on bringing him to life here mate, and the pages on the base or an inspired touch given his history!

    Cheers Roger.

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    • Yeah, I slowly became aware of Slender being a thing due to seeing/hearing peiople talk about the videogame. It wasn’t until much later when I found out it was more than that… The pages were a last-minute touch when I’d been reading about it while painting – so glad they worked!


  2. Slenderman is quite possibly the first thing that made me feel old and out of touch as an adult. Here in the States, there were two girls that murdered another girl in a really vicious way because the character allegedly told one of them to do it. I had no idea what Slenderman was when it happened so that certainly opened my eyes up.

    Setting that aside, you painted both of these up well. Ivory shaded with purple always looks great! Lankyman (ha!) looks very creepy as a result! I know how to play a bit of Black Dog on bass so I liked the Led Zeppelin reference as well 🙂

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    • Yeah, I read about that as well the other day. I guess it’s the same thing that we’ve always gotten from mentally unstable people who latch onto something from media, or before that, religious texts or just “voices” in various forms and do such things.
      Thanks for the compliments. I’ve been enjoying painting some of these “different” Zombicide minis and I’ve got a few more to come this month…

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      • That is well said, mate. I heard not too long ago, the girl who “heard” from Slenderman is still in a mental institution years later which is not very common for people who commit crimes here so I think that says a lot.

        On a happier note, I look forward to seeing more of these unique sculpts. They’re all new and interesting to me!


  3. Slender man is a weird looking one and the feet are pretty grotesque. It’s almost like lavender cottage cheese! So I’m going to have to go with the Black Dog as my favorite this time, haha!


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