WizKids WK73554 Deep Cuts Miniatures Wild Boars (D&D Monster Manual 84)

WizKids WK73554 Deep Cuts Miniatures Wild Boars

So not exactly heavyweight monsters from the old Dungeons and Dragons catalogue this post – instead we have a pair of piggies. The WizKids Deep Cuts Wild Boar Miniatures to be exact.

“But why..” You might rightly ask “..are you buying and painting piglet models?”

The answer is pretty simple – it’s part of my “shoring up” of the Drizzt set before I plunge back into the depths of painting the next of these D&D Adventure System Boxed sets.

WizKids WK73554 Deep Cuts Miniatures Wild Boars, Athrogate

As regular readers will know, I’m not exactly a D&D lore expert, but it seems that our Dwarf friend Athrogate from the set has a friendly boar companion that the Drizzt box provides in the form of a card token. As I’m sure you’ll understand, I could not let such an affront stand, and so I spent a few bucks on this set of Two Little Piggies so I could, erm, plug that gap.

Apparently Athrogate’s Boar is AKSHULLY called “Snort”, is summoned from something called a figurine of wondrous power”, is large enough for him to ride on, and is actually a summoned Hellboar. And yes, I did read all of those details after purchasing and painting these two. All I can do in response is point to these models and say the words “Look! Piggies!” I mean, still better than a cardboard token, amirite?