Marvel United: Groot

CMON, Spin Master Games, Marvel United: Groot Miniature

Something a bit different today – The Groot model from the CMoN/Spin Master Games Card/Board Game “Marvel United”. I skipped the first Kickstarter for this entirely since the game didn’t look very appealing, and I’m not especially a fan of Chibis or things like Funko Pops. Fast forward a couple of years and I saw people on a bargain forum’s game section discussing the original core game being on Amazon for a sing, and discussing how the second Kickstarter still had a pladge manager open that also allowed new backsers to get ALL of the previous stuff. I picked up the cheap game, we played it a few times and really enjoyed it – to the extent of going all-in on that second KS campaign including the first campaign’s stuff as well.

CMON, Spin Master Games, Marvel United: Groot Miniature

Unlike all too many of my (and probably your) gaming purchases, we ended up playing the game pretty frequently since then, as it’s an easy but tactical little game that I would recommend to others. Since I keep trying to encourage Marouda to do some painting, she eventually agreed to paint some of these as she felt that they looked easier to do. With some coaching, Marouda ended up painting a bunch of the basic parts of this model before I went over it for the final touches and details and effects. The plan was to also paint Rocket and post them up together, but it didn’t work out like that in April, so now we have a late-coming Groot for today’s post instead!

20 thoughts on “Marvel United: Groot

  1. Nice to hear you were able to team up with Marouda on this one. Groot looks great and he’s perfect for a Chibi miniature I reckon. It will be cool to see some more of these as you get around to them. Chibi minis are just different enough from the usual stuff that I’m sure you can learn some new things from working on them too.

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