Small Scenics: Armorcast Short High-Tech Walls 4″ and 6″ for Necromunda/Shadow War/40k

Armorcast Short Sci-Fi Walls

Another couple pieces of simple sci-fi terrain today, again dating from the 1990’s. These are Armorcast’s “Short” Sci-Fi Walls. Fairly simple casts, and rather simply painted by my good self back in the ’90s. These were a matter of spray black, drybrush gunmetal/chainmail/etc, and then pick out some parts using copper and brass before finally adding some burnt metal around the blast holes and a few decals for interest.

Armorcast Short Sci-Fi Walls

They look a little plain to me today. If anything, I think they could do with a wash of Army Painter Dark Tone (Black) to emphasise the panel lines and rivets followed by a bit of a detail pick-type drybrush of a brighter steel. Then a bit of either oil wash or rust. I might mentally file that as something to get done once the weather warms up again in November/December as it’s a horrible time of year for working on scenery right now. Then I can show these again!

Armorcast Short Sci-Fi Walls

Despite their simplicity and their age, I think these are still pretty nice pieces. Both the 4″ and 6″ versions are still available from Armorcast, and for a pretty reasonable price. If not for the current cost of shipping from the U.S., I’d probably drop a couple of hundred on some more of these and some of their other good looking stuff. There’s a July coupon with 10% off and free shipping over $200, and apparently it works for people outside the U.S….

Armorcast Short Sci-Fi Walls

As always, I’m not receiving anything for pimping their stuff, I paid full retail for these (in the 1990’s) and my opinions are my own – though after publishing this post I will be bringing it to Armourcast/Ginfritter’s attention, which is something I usually do after reviewing or sharing more obscure items, because why the hell not?


Sci-Fi Quonset-style Bunker for Necromunda/Shadow War/40k

Today I have a blast from the past. A quonset-style sci-fi bunker that dates from the 1990’s. I assume that it originated from either Amorcast or Epicast, though I can’t find it in Armorcast’s current online catalogue and it’s not made from the weird, expanded foam-like material that a bunch of my other Epicast buildings are made from, so…. dunno? I know if I could find it available again, I might be tempted to pick another one or two up.

With the recent release of Shadow War: Armageddon (aka Necromunda: Redux), my copy of the hardcover finally winging it’s way over to me, and the impending release of 40k 8th Edition, I thought it appropriate to share some of my older scenery pieces that perfectly fit both games.

I actually painted this thing back in the day when I got it, which means it’s also been used in any number of games through the years. I picked it up and painted it during the days of Necromunda, which explains the blue-grey of the base, and the hazard stripes around the door. Which to be fair, does look like it’d cut you in half pretty easily. At least it’s got some warning lights!

The rear view shows the sloppiness of what was considered good enough by many terrain makers of the day, especially for larger pieces like this. Not to mention my own indifference to filling small bubble holes. It looks like a Tamiya product lid of some description was added in by the original “sculptor” for some detail.

A Minotaur Space Marine provides us with scale for the terrain piece. Looks like it’d be a little crowded in there. Perfectly in keeping with Warhammer 40,000, then!