Minotaurs Space Marines – IX Squad: Devastator (1 Section & Complete)

Minotaurs Space Marine Devastators

I’ve finally managed to get time to spray, base and photograph the second half of my Minotaurs Devastator Squad. Like most of my Minotaurs units, there’s a bit of kitbashing going on to keep the models interesting.

Minotaurs Space Marine Devastator Sergeant

First up is the Sergeant. He was originally a gift from my mate Damo/Nerdfest09 over on Dakka along with 2 Lascannon and 2 Heavy Bolter Marines and painted in his earlier style of doing Minotaurs (a darker, more coppery armour colour than the brassy tone I use, and scratched metal weapons). I asked permission from him to tweak the model so that it fit in with the rest of my army and he said no problem, so I redid some parts of the model. The head I replaced entirely with a Maxmini Tribe of Black Lotus Helmet, since I wanted something a bit more obviously Spartan-influenced on the Sergeant. Some Liquid Greenstuff to obscure the eyes and facial details underneath, and then painted the eyes as lenses and the “face” as black enamel. Looking at it now, maybe I should have tried to sculpt a simple grill and paint that in silver. Oh well, maybe next time. Oh, and I have plans for the original sergeant’s head…

Minotaurs Space Marine Devastator Sergeant

I painted the red base and yellow lines on his chainsword, but went around the scratches that Damo had put on the original, to incorporate them into the finished model. I also added pteruges from Anvil Industry over his crotch – Centurion Leather Straps.

Minotaurs Space Marine Devastator Sergeant

The bolter that Damo had originally armed him with was also removed and replaced with a Combi-plasma for practical, gaming purposes.

Minotaurs Space Marine Devastator Sergeant

The backpack scanner’s metals were left pretty much untouched from Damo’s original scheme, showing the contrast between the original armour in tone (the armour was more coloured than the scanner) and the scheme I use. I also swapped out the left shoulder pad for a Forgeworld one, in keeping with the rest of the squad.

Minotaurs Space Marine Devastator Missile Launchers

Minotaurs Space Marine Devastator Missile Launchers

When outfitting the Devastators, I knew that I wanted to use the two Lascannon models that Damo gave me, which left me with working out what weapons I wanted to use to compliment them. One of his Heavy Bolters has been in use for some time now, and the other is awaiting a new squad to join. I went with the traditional jack of all trades – missile launchers. I used Calth parts for the weapons. The right-hand model is mostly Calth MKIV parts, along with FW MKIV Minotaur shoulder, along with a Anvil Vanguard Torso, which I bought a bunch of years ago for my Minotaurs as the gorget makes them strongly resemble MKVIII armour, which the Minotaurs were said to have a fair supply of. I didn’t bother on this guy because of his arm being in the way, but the bare chest also makes them easy to add transfers or other details to.

Minotaurs Space Marine Devastator Missile Launchers

Minotaurs Space Marine Devastator Missile Launchers

The other bloke wears a more cobbled-together suit using a bunch of FW parts with the same Calth Missile Launcher. MKV head and Torso, MKII legs and shoulder, A bit of wear, staining and scoring on the launch area of their weapons, and they’re done. Incidently, the official FW Minotaurs transfer sheet (sadly OOP now) has their Devastator badge as the “explosion” variant. Clearly though, the Lambda is the most appropriate to use for Space Spartans.

Minotaurs Space Marine Devastator Lascannon

Minotaurs Space Marine Devastator Lascannon

The two Lascannon operators both wear pretty standard MKVII armour. I retained much of the work on the weapons, adding the red weapon casings and putting in the brass of the barrel coils. I might have repainted the barrel tip casings, but I wanted to keep the great heat-discoloured metal that Damo had done, so I left them as-is.

Minotaurs Space Marine Devastator Lascannon

Minotaurs Space Marine Devastator Lascannon

Once again, FW Minotaurs shoulder pads were added and the armour was “brassed up” a bit from the original to fit in with the rest of my force.

Minotaurs Space Marine Devastator Squad

And finally, we have the completed squad, with both sections present. Next for the Minotaurs are some HQ units, and then some Terminators.

MaxMini Jump Packs – Polish Resin #7

In what’s getting close to my final MaxMini review post for awhile, I’m sharing their various Jump Packs today. I picked up set of 5 of their Iron Pattern Jump Packs shortly after they were released, though due to the joy of moving twice in a relatively short period, they got put in a box and not used (story of my figures’ bloody life!) Recently, I decided to start to resurrect some of my armies, so I’ve been buying cool resin bits, which at the moment mostly sit around until I can work out some army lists and then motivate myself to get them started/finished.

I originally got these to use either with my Iron Warriors or possibly my old-school-style Crimson Fists. So anyway, with 5 of these suckers already in hand, I needed to get another 5 to finish a squad. So I did. I may need a second 10 of them so I can kit out both armies with them. I’ve tried to give my Iron Warriors more of a Renegade Marine vibe than a gribbly chaos marine one. As cool as the new DV figures are, and as much as they harken back to the old Slaves to Darkness style, I actually want to go with the “loyalists with spikes” look for the dour, mechanically-oriented Iron Warriors – more likely to amputate a tentacle and replace it with a bionic arm than to accept it as a gift of chaos, so studded mechanics work from my perspective.

Size Shot – Maxmini Iron Pattern Jump Pack.

Here’s the pack being modelled by a marine I’ve been working on for a mate. He won’t have a jump pack in his final form, but since his wasn’t glued on, I thought he’d work fine as a Jump Pack model. As you can see, this Jump Pack is a pretty big piece of work.

Maxmini Silver WIng Jump Packs

While I was at it, I decided to pick up a set of 10 of their other two new styles. The Silver Wing Pattern Jump Packs will go perfectly with either Blood or Dark Angels, and as I have a small DA force and an unbuilt BA force, there’s potential to once again buy a second set of them so both forces can use them. The DA already have a mostly-built Assault Squad though, so maybe I’ll just grab another 5 for some Character models.

Size Shot – Maxmini Silver Wing Jump Pack.

As you can see in the photos, the Silver Wing packs are just as big as the Iron Pattern, though I was surprised as the details are almost entirely different, aside from the turbines and the part that plugs into the back of the model they’re being mounted on. The detail is really quite nice, with lots of exposed wires, pipes and tubes again giving it an old-school look, though perhaps not all that OH&S-friendly.

Maxmini Bronze Pattern Jump Packs

Finally, I grabbed a set of 10 of the Bronze Pattern Jump Packs. These don’t fit the old-school vibe in the exact same way as either of other the turbine-topped styles, but I thought the huge vented intakes looked pretty cool, so I again got a set of 10 to kit out a squad (of something TBD).

Size Shot – Maxmini Bronze Pattern Jump Pack.

Now if you thought the other two were big, these will really impress. These ones are edging towards being ludicrously big, but despite this, I really like them. The sculpting and design on them are really well done and a bit different. They still look a little Horus-Heresy-retro, but perhaps like something that was newer then. They look like something that would fit in with the era of this classic Paul Bonner Dark Angels painting (used as a WD cover back in the day). Not-quite Rogue Trader, Not quite modern era. Around the days of Adeptus Titanicus and Space Marine. Note the marine firing! If you look carefully, you can see how he’d probably like you to say hello to his little friend..

Paul Bonner’s seminal Dark Angels-Scarface artwork.

MaxMini Head sizes – Polish Resin Extra!

After some requests for size comparisons on the MaxMini from Dakka and in the comments, I’ve taken some quick photos to help people judge which heads are right and wrong for their own purposes. I’ve also got an older review – of the Steam Knight helmets. Though I only used Marine bodies on that one, as you can see in that post, they’re on the smaller side, and so I think they’d work on smaller like the below Mantic/McVey models as well.

MaxMini heads and various figures.

From left-right, we have a Sedition Wars female, a “marine” made of a Maxmini head, GW torso and Anvil Industries legs.  A sci-fi Bombshell Babe. She’s about the height of a marine, but less bulky – A good representative for many of Reaper’s sci-fi figures. Next is A Mantic Enforcer, Mantic Corporation with actual head, Sedition Wars male, and another Mantic Corporation fig with Maxmini “Biohazard” diving bell. Last up, we have a completed GW Space Marine.

MaxMini heads.

So. Opinion time. The gladiator helmets are a little small for marines, but workable. They’re also suitable for the McVay and Mantic figures, as actual gladiator helmets are pretty damned big.

The Black Lotus helmets are perfect for marines, but a bit big for the truescale figures – unless you want big ancients helmets for them.

The “Immortals” Egyptian helmets would work on the McVey/Mantic bodies. They might seem a touch big, but then there’s a lot of bling on them, so if you disregard all of the spikes and so forth which make them look bigger, they work. Similarly, they work on marines, but may look a touch smallish.

MaxMini heads.

The Mecha-Egyptian helmets (V.1) look perfect for marines, but a bit big to go with the truescale figures. Similarly, the Biohazard heads are perfect for marines but too big for the truescales. A possible exception for the “diving bell” helmet, since diving bells IRL are huge, so with a trim to the neck they could work with truescale figure – depending on what you’re trying to do.

The Hybrid heads are a good fit for truescale figures – bear in mind that they are deliberately bulbous, though. They seem a little small for marines.

Once again, I hope this is helpful. I realise it might be a touch mroe useful if I clipped off a bunch of the heads and blu-tacked them to a Mantic and GW torso, but I don’t want to cut up the sprues at this stage, since it makes the heads easier to lose. (yeah, after moving house, I need to find those Steam Knight helmets I linked earlier..!)

Polish Resin #6: MaxMini Gladiator, Alien Hybrid, Biohazard, Black Lotus Heads

So it’s the next set of pictures and commentary of the recent order I received from Maxmini. In my last post I looked at the two types of Mecha Egyptian heads that they offer. This time it’s a bit more varied. Once again, all images are clickable for bigger versions.

MaxMini Gladiator Helmets.

First up are the Gladiator helmets. I bought these without any incredibly firm use for them, simply because they looked so nice. I’ve been considering using them as heads for Pre-Heresy-styled World Eater Gladiators. Maybe Khornate ones that still have their old Relic-aged helmets – or I’ve just realised as I’ve been typing this that they would be perfect for my Iron Warriors berserkers that I’ve been intending to build for the last 5 years – I’ve just been needing a way to make them unique, but distinctly both berserkers and Iron Warriors without using the “bunny ears”. Now I’ll have to buy a few more… hmm…

MaxMini Alien Hybrid Heads

Next up are the Alien Hybrid heads. Again, I bought these without any immediate purpose. I’ve got a bunch of old-school Genestealers and Hybrids that I need to get around to sometime, but they’re not a priority in my paint queue for the time being. As you can see, they’re finely detailed, though they’re quite small – more truescale than heroic. Having said that, I’m sure they’d work well on top of a guardsman’s body. Something I’m happy to have in my bits box for the moment when I’m building something and decide I’ll need them.

MaxMini Biohazard Heads

MaxMini Biohazard helmets. Unlike the others, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with these from the moment I saw them. These will be going onto the heads of Plague Marines and Death Guard. When I got these, I opted out of the one sculpt that didn’t appeal to me (in execution, not concept) by asking the MaxMini guys for a custom mix. Since they’re able to do that without a hassle from a lot of the items in their range, it was no problem, and I picked up an extra pair of the “diving bell” sculpt, which I really like. I’ll probably pick up some more of these down the line as well, as the Diving Bell also has a lot of potential outside of the specific CSM use I plan for most of them.

MaxMini Tribe of Black Lotus Helmets

Finally, for this post at least is the Tribe of Black Lotus Helmets. A bit of a long, unwieldy name, yes, but some great sculpts. In the past I’d considered these but passed, as I didn’t have a specific use for them, but now I’ve pretty much got two solid options for them, and will probably go with both. These will be used in a mixture of a Greek-themed Space Marine force (no, not Minotaurs, though I’ll certainly use some of their Forge World parts) and also steal a few of them to use on Various Slaanesh Champion and Emperor’s Children figures. (2017 Edit – Erm, yeah, I am actually doing Minotaurs now, using these on the odd commander-type model!)

Maxmini Tribe of Black Lotus Helmets

As you can see, these parts are pretty much flash-free, with just a small bit of cleanup required on an occasional piece. Clean bubble-free casts, and quality (non-itchy!) resin.

There’s a few other nice-looking head/helmet styles on offer from MaxMini as well that I’ll be purchasing in the future to check out. The Space Police, Steam Knight Noble and Zombie heads are all ones that look good and I’ll likely be purchasing and reviewing in the future, so look out for those (in a couple of months.)

The next post will be MaxMini stuff, as I’ve got some jump packs and other odds and ends to review. After that, I’ve got a bunch of stuff I’ve bought from Kromlech, Scibor and Puppetswar to photograph and review, so the Polish Resin series will have a fair few more installments to come!

As always, I hope people find these shots useful!

MaxMini Mecha Egyptian Heads – Polish Resin #5

I’ve picked up some more new stuff from the talented artisans in Poland. This time, a selection of items from Maxmini. I have bought stuff from them a few times before, and never had a problem with their service or quality – this order once again lived up to my previous experiences. Three week turnaround from ordering to arriving in my happy paws in Australia, which is a little longer than most orders from the UK or US, but 3 weeks from Poland including processing time seems pretty fair. It certainly doesn’t take months for stuff to come from Poland, as others have suggested.

I should point out that I’m not affiliated with Maxmini in any way and paid full normal retail for this order (and the previous ones) – I simply like to support businesses that offer quality product, are friendly, efficient and don’t screw me around.

So anyway, I placed a decent-sized order with them, now I’m sharing them with the world. Next up I need to actually do something with them. (hopefully!) Too much stuff to paint, and too many distractions.

When I saw these two types of heads, I knew they would work really well with a Thousand Sons force. I’ve got quite a few of the GW TS heads, but I think these will mix in really nicely to reinforce the Pseudo-Egyptian theme.

Maxmini Mecha Egyptian Helmets

Yeah, I should have photographed the Mecha Egyptian helmets in descending rows like I did the Immortals.

Maxmini Immortals Helmets – Mecha Egyptian MK2

Now for the Close-up shots! (all images clickable) You can see both the detail and how clean the casts are.

Maxmini Mecha Egyptian Helmets – Close Up.

Maxmini Immortals Helmets – Close Up

I also bought a bunch of other heads and Jump Packs in the same order, but I’ll put those up in the next updates over the next few days. They’re just as good as I’ve come to expect from Maxmini, though.

Polish Resin 2 – Maxmini Steam Knight heads, Gothic Backpacks and Shields

Much the same as the last post, this is mainly so people can see what this stuff looks like in some decently-sized pictures and get some feedback. Like the Orc heads from my previous posting, these Steam Knight pieces are great.

Steam Knight heads

I haven’t taken close-ups of every one of them. You can see the designs on their website anyway. This is much more to show how they compare size-wise to GW’s marine heads and also to show how they fit on marine torsos. They’re a little taller and thinner than the standard, as they don’t have the large “ear/headset” sections of your standard marine helmets and are a little taller, but I think they fit in very well anyway. I plan to use some of them for Templars, possibly some for Grey Knights and some of them for Iron Warriors.

I’ll probably order another set or two, just to make sure I’ve got enough for my IWs.

Maxmini Gothic Backpacks

The Gothic Backpacks set gets you six (two of each) and while they’re not especially cheap, they’ll make great characterful backpacks for Templar marine armies. I’ve provided a comparison pic with Helbrecht’s backpack, a normal plastic marine backpack and also a chaos marine backpack. I probably won’t order another set of these, since I want them to stand out on character models (Chaplain, Techmarine(?), Emperor’s Champion, etc), though I might end up getting some more down the line for the unofficial squad leaders amongst the Neophytes and Sword Brethren.

I also picked up two different sets of Maxmini shields. I got a 10-pack of the Mechanical Shields, which is shown here by the larger one with the cross – as you can see, quite a decent size. They’re also offered as a 5-pack with 5 hammers but I passed on that since I think they offer better hammers elsewhere and I’d rather have twice the number of awesome shields than half as many with some merely “alright” hammers. (I wonder why you can’t get some Mk1 hammers mixed in with Mk2 ones in an order?).

The smaller round shields (Black Lotus Tribal Shields) also look good, and came in a 10-pack. Not sure where the name comes from, but with Eagle, Lion and Wreath designs on them, they have a nice strong “classical” look that will fit in with many space marine armies.

I’m really happy with all of the Maxminis stuff I picked up, and I’ll most likely make another order from them within the next couple of weeks.

That’s it for now! Next – Scibor.

Polish Resin #1 – Maxmini Orc Pirate Heads

This week I was lucky enough to take delivery of several sets of resin conversion parts from a trio of Polish sculpting studios. Since I know I’m always keen to see “in hand” and decent quality pictures of these things (as opposed to the website pics which can be small or not so great or even “too perfect” 3D renders – and they usually can’t show you comparison pics with other manufacturers’ models, so I’ll do some of that as well.

First up is some stuff from Maxmini.

I have the Maxminis Pirate Orc heads. Just right for any group (crew?) of freebooting Orcs, Orks or even Orx that one may want to put together. I picked up both sets – the larger Nob-sized Pirate Orc Heads as well as the smaller Pirate Orc Boys Heads.

Maxmini Orc Pirate Heads

Comparison shot with some Black Reach Orc Nob heads, and also a couple of pics of a couple of the Nob heads blu-tac’ed onto some Black Reach Ork bodies.

Maxmini Orc Pirate Heads

Maxmini Orc Pirate Heads

Brilliant sculpting. Easily on a par with or better than GW (better than their plastics, equal at least to their metals and I haven’t checked out finecast yet). The resin is good quality – not the kind that makes your hands itch after touching it, and as can clearly be seen by these pictures, there are no miscast parts, no bits of the mould stuck in the detail, and not even any bubbles in the resin. Cleanup would take about 40 seconds-1minute per head – just trimming any tiny pits of chin flash (not all of them have any) and flattening the base of the neck. Top quality!

I’ve also got some of their Steam Knight stuff I’ll put up shortly – probably tomorrow if I get time. That’s also extremely well done. I’ll definitely buy more of these guys’ Orc resin pieces in the future.