Daemonette Statues, Imperial Fountain

A quick update today. Just a couple of pieces of scenery to share. These three pieces were all done at least 10 years ago, so it’s really a back-catalogue update.

First up, a couple of Daemonette statues. Once again, these are based on some Scotia Grendel (hey guys, send me some free stuff!) scenery. Back in the day I collected my Space Marines and Imperial Army Guard and whatnot as armies, but I also tended to grab anything else that took my fancy just to paint – much as I do today, really. Most of my Chaos figures of the day were procured just to have them, and since I wasn’t a serious WHFB player (outside of my Dark Elves, then Orcs & Goblins), I wanted other figures to be individuals, as I noted in the last post with the Fleshhounds.

So what to do with doubled-up Daemonettes?

Turn them into scenery, of course!

I took a couple of the Grendel pillars, jewellers-sawed a channel out of the tops of them, then glued the model tabs in there with Araldite.

Daemonette of Slannesh. Oldhammer.

Daemonette Standing Stone Statues – front.

Daemonette of Slannesh. Oldhammer.

Daemonette Standing Stone Statues – Rear.

I painted them with pink highlighted into white, and added blue marbling-style veins to them. I thought the pastel look worked for Slaanesh, and yes, there’s a conscious subtext there as well. The bases were originally done in green flock, but several years later when I changed my basing style to the dark brown I painted over it, added the static flock, and also glued a bunch of soft seashells around the edges of the base. I felt that they had the right soft, pastelish, smooth, sensual look to them to fit in with the Slaaneshi scenery as offerings made by the chaos tribes.

More recently, I added the flowers to the bases, to add a little more interest to them. And besides, who said everything Chaos touches needs to be blighted wastelands?

Italieri Fountain, 40k style.

The back side of that Italieri fountain.

This one’s as simple as hell. While perusing a model store years ago I saw this cheap Italieri kit on the shelf. I thought I could use it for scenery, and bought it. One simple assembly, four old-school Space Marine Banner tops (you could easily do the same with easily-available brass etch these days), and a quick base coat and drybrush followed by some thinned down orange paint for rust streaks and you’re golden. And yes, it’s still available today. What I especially like about it on current reflection is that it’s still generic enough (even with the Aquilas) to be used in Historical or Fantasy gaming. Simple, cheap, effective and good looking.

Like me.

Ok, so I’m not as good looking as the fountain.


4 thoughts on “Daemonette Statues, Imperial Fountain

  1. More nice, characterful bits of scenery. A fountain is on my to-do list.

    What height is the fountain. Gauging by the aquilae Im guessing about 70-80mm.


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