Achtung! Minen! Citadel Resin Minefield

I started (and finished) these a few weeks ago, though the weather was bad and my mood was poor, so I didn’t take any “finished” pictures of them at the time, and the WIP ones just sat on my camera. As part of an eBay purchase, I noticed that the seller was selling a little container of resin Citadel land mines for a few bucks, so I grabbed them. Since they looked nice and simple, they only sat around for a few weeks or a month before I decided to have a go turning them into “fast scenery”.

The signs are something I came up with after finishing the actual mines. Just made from the same kinds of Proxie bases with putty over the top. I made the actual signage out of some plastrust I-beam and some tile-textured plasticard (so I could get them the same size!) Found some WW2-era German “Minen!” signs, chose an appropriate one, multiplied it and printed them out. I figure that if you’re going to have signposted mine fields, the verbiage really should be written in German. Also added some odds and bods from the bits box to add “interest” and make them fit in better with the 40k-flavoured ones. I’ll use these in anything from WW2 gaming such as Bolt Action, etc – right up to 40k and cohorts

Here’s the montage of how they went together. Cue “Rocky” theme. Or perhaps “Montage” from that episode of South Park. You know the one. Fun fact: I didn’t take any pictures of the signs being made, even though the process is probably marginally more interesting.

8 thoughts on “Achtung! Minen! Citadel Resin Minefield

  1. I assume so. They came in an unlabelled little round container – the same type that the basing kits used to come in with a bunch of regular 40mm round bases. I can’t find any other reference to them online atm. I kinda dimly (think) I remember seeing them in a GW store in the early 2000’s, but I can’t entirely be sure of that part.


  2. Love your paintjob of these mines. The rusty green came out very realistically. I think the skulls and weapons are a bit out of place, given it is a mine field (for historicals), but it suits 40k’s style perfectly.

    I also like the idea to have the signs in German, nice touch ;).

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    • Oh no question on the Skulls and Daggers being out of place and even a tad cartoony – but they were moulded onto the pieces, and I decided not to clip them off in this case. While they’re not exactly “realistic” for a WWII battlefield, neither are the mines being visible above ground, and I figure that for a friendly/knockabout game of Bolt Action et al in my shed they’ll work just fine – especially since I can’t see myself putting together a second set of mines just for WWII->Moderns (unless some game provides me with some for free or cheap!) Kinda the same philosophy I have with that Rackham Ruined hill-fort with the Asian-style “worm” Dragon engraved on top of it. Not exactly standard fare for Libya, (and probably “should” even be in sandstone rather than grey granite) but close enough for a game of toy soldiers.
      And yeah – I think all mine field signs should be in German. 😉


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