Confrontation Starter Set Scenery: Hill Ruins. (Desert Scheme)

Over the years, I’ve accumulated a lot of stuff. Amongst that stuff has been some Rackham Confrontation starter sets from the prepaint plastics days. Griffins vs. Wolfen. While I’ve not done much with the Wolfen to date, the Griffins have recently been multibased on cardboard for Kings of War, and I’ve done a bit of work on the terrain. Since I’ve got more than one of these Hill Ruins, I decided to paint them in different ways. The temperate climate hill is still being worked on, but I finished the desert scheme hill, and so here it is!

Rackham Confrontation Hill Ruins – Desert

Rackham Confrontation Hill Ruins – Desert

Rackham Confrontation Hill Ruins – Unpainted and Desert

I’ve been using weathering powders a lot more on things recently, and I found them to be a bit of a double-edged sword on this piece of terrain. I thought it looked great without the powders, and it lost a fair bit of the distinct looks of the stone slabs when I added them, but I felt that the realism of the sand gathered between the stones made it worthwhile. Added some grass tufts around, just enough to make it look a bit more “real” but not so many as to hinder gaming on the piece, which after all is the whole point of the thing. As I keep saying, I do quite like terrain that can work well across a variety of games, and this one is characterful enough that it works for pretty much anything – though the dragon might be a little out of place in the Libyan desert of WW2, it might still pass if we squint a little.

5 thoughts on “Confrontation Starter Set Scenery: Hill Ruins. (Desert Scheme)

  1. I really like your improvements to the basic paintjob. Looks much more realistic now. Another idea would be to have moss growing between stones which really makes each of them stand out.

    Were those resin pieces or injected plastic?


  2. Injected plastic, and quite good quality. I wanted the above one to look much drier and more arid, and so avoided moss or greenery. I’m working on the “darker” one now, which will match my regular bases more and feature some grass/moss. Have added sand, which will be drybrushed a few shades of brown. Will also add both static grass and tufts to it as well – in line with my usual base deco.


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