War Machines of Minas Tirith

Gondor Battlecry Trebuchet

Gondor Battlecry Trebuchet

I’ve finished a pair of War Machines for my growing Gondor army. As fate would have it, right after photographing these guys the other day I won a second one of each on eBay, so I’ll have to do a followup post to this one in a month or three when they’ve been paired. I think two of each should be plenty – both for games of LotR and KoW.

Gondor Avenger Bolt Thrower

Gondor Battlecry Trebuchet, Avenger Bolt Thrower

My very small Gondor artillery battery.

I’m not entirely sure which crewmen go with which artillery piece, except for the guy with more bolts, but it hardly matters anyway. Like a lot of the LotR range, and the Gondor/Minas Tirith stuff specifically, they’re straightforward models that aren’t anything flashy, but look good en masse and on the tabletop.

10 thoughts on “War Machines of Minas Tirith

  1. Nice offerings! I really like how you painted the wood. Which colours did you use? I also very much enjoy your metal. I would assume you use a wash and following this further highlights? Gives it a nice, worn look, without overdoing it.

    Say, I still have a sprue of those chaps sitting around. Would you be interested in a swap with say, a Bones miniature? I’ll never paint these guys and I could see you making good use of them.

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    • The wood was simply Scorched Brown with a Drybrush of Bestial Brown (ok, actually the Vallejo ones – (Charred Brown/Beasty Brown) with a wash of Army Painter Soft Tone and then a re-highlight of Beasty with a touch of Snakebite/Cobra Leather/XV-88. The metal on these is (I think) black base, then painted VMC Oily Steel with AP Dark Tone followed by Soft Tone.

      The armour on the troops is a little different – Black undercoat, heavy Oily Steel drybrush, very light VMA Steel drybrush, then the AP Dark Tone wash, followed by a manual re-highlight of VMA Steel (generally the top of the helm and around the face – armour edges only as needed)

      Both the wood and armour are relatively quick and easy as befits those models. Neat and clean is the most important thing, since there’s no real scope or reason to go flashy.

      As for a trade – sure! What kind of Bones stuff are you after? I’ve probably got something I’ll never get around to painting up there… 😉


      • Hi again,

        so after I took stock I have: 4 bowmen, 4 swordmen and 4 spearmen. So not a lot of stuff. I would be after monsters in general. For instance Pathfinder Goblins or Deep Dwellers. Vermin is also an idea. If you got some Bones 2 stuff the mushroom men would be of interest or the cultists. Pretty much whatever you are willing to part with would be fine. If you like you can also use my contact page on daggerandbrush to exchange further details.

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      • I’ll have a look and see what I have. I gave away all the Pathfinder gobboes to Tarmor a couple of months ago, so I’ll have to have a look through and see what I have. As with most hunting through (and QAing of various Kickstarter) figures at the moment, I’ll probably have to do it over the Easter break. 🙂


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