From the Painting Desk #10 – How Should I Base this Brass Bull?

Not a “proper” update, but something I’m interested in feedback on from you guys

Taking a break from Goblins, I’m going to use this Reaper Bones II Brass (or is it Bronze?) Bull as another opportunity to teach Marouda some basic painting techniques. I’m in two minds on whether to cut it off its Bones base – I probably will remove it as it’s slightly warped, since boiling and then ice watering them doesn’t have a brilliant success rate. If I do that, I’ll replace it with a slate outcrop at a slight angle, as though he’s glaring from (or over) the edge.

Bones Brass Bull on 50x50mm Base

Bones Brass Bull on 50x75mm Base

So anyway – do I base it on the 50x50mm base, or the 50x75mm base? It looks like a 60-65mm base would be ideal, but it’s not on the cards. What it’ll be used for in games will be related to how the basing goes in the end, so I’ll worry about that a little later. The previous Bronze Bull we did from Wargames Foundry went nicely onto a 40x40mm base, but this fellow is a fair bit larger. The 50mm base could be problematic when he makes it into combat with other models, as he hangs over the base on it – could be a problem with pikes and spears!

So… thoughts?


9 thoughts on “From the Painting Desk #10 – How Should I Base this Brass Bull?

  1. I am going to be bit useless and say that both look fine to me but for different reasons. A overhang from the model can make it look larger and more imposing, and most importantly more aggressive. But then I have some weird thing for large model on small bases. It probably comes from my days of old school Warzone and Chronopia. The 50×75 is probably more practical for gaming purposes though.


    • I agree, the overhang looks good in some ways, which is the main reason I was considering it, but the larger base is definitely more practical for gaming. He doesn’t need to literally be ramming his enemies with his horns, after all!


  2. MY option would be – does it need a base? The one it comes with looks fine. Otherwise the 50 x 75, but I’d want to build it up with green stuff to match the base the model comes on.


    • Since I intend to use the figure for gaming it will, though I generally like things to have consistency as well, so I base display models (though with more flexibility. Being a Bones model, naturally the integral base is slightly warped already anyway – so I think slate will be the go here…

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