From the Painting Desk #12 – Yet another LotR Goblin Challenge

Well, strictly speaking, I failed the last one of these. Two metal goblins still left, as well as the Dwarf Slayer and Ogre (who didn’t get touched). Between a solid batch of videogaming and friends coming over for some Zombicide – and just needing a bit of a break from painting. So for this week, which I have off work – I’ll be trying to finish those four, as well as several additions by this coming Sunday night:

Yet More Goblins on the WIP desk.

So now the priority queue is:

  1. C23 Ogre Bounty Hunter.
  2. Dwarf Slayer (Finally identified him – he’s a Daemon Slayer circa ’96-97).
  3. Those last two Metal Moria Goblins to be used as Captains and Unit Leaders (Spear, Sword). Perhaps the odd Biggit.
  4. 7 more Metal Moria Goblins for use as above. 4 Bows, 1 spear, 2 swords.
  5. 4 Goblin Prowlers. They’ll combine with the other three to make a unit. Shame I can’t find another one, cheaply.
  6. 6 plastic goblins with sword & shield.
  7. 10 plastic goblins with spears.
  8. Durbûrz, Goblin King of Moria.
  9. Tom Bombadil (GW) and Lady Geneve of the Council of Seven, Speaker of the Far Stars (Red Box Games) – to be painted and used as Goldberry.
  10. Reaper Bones II “Cython” (a Grick from D&D*)
  11. Reaper Bones II  “Mind Eater” (an Intellect Devourer from D&D*)

So… 36 models. The goblins shouldn’t be too hard, but the more individual characters might throw up a bit of a difficulty. I’d wanted to paint something nice on my break as a reward to myself for my recent productivity. Perhaps a Minotaur or the Greek Talos. Instead, I’m going for more goblins. I guess the reward there is getting a ton of them done and out into the War Room as a very quickly put together starter KoW army.

After I finish the above, the remaining (for now) push of Goblins I plan to paint will be made up of Golfimbul, Foot & Mounted; 6 Warg Riders (strictly speaking, Orcs); 18 Wild Wargs with a Wild Warg Chieftain; a possibility of 2 more sprues of these Moria Goblins (24 in total) and several “Hobbit” plastic goblins to use as Shamans, since I’ve been unable to get find any “proper” Moria Goblin Shaman figures for a reasonable price. Same deal, unfortunately with the War-Drums. The problem with all of those is that while they round out the (new) KoW force and also allow some more LotR SBG scenario play, they’re not “half-painted”, and so would all be freshly started models. So the question will be whether I continue to clear the desk, or let these upstarts jump the queue…

…and my plans were to finish Gondor, then start on the Dwarves…

*Thanks to Tarmor for IDing the D&D critters – I’m not especially familiar with the D&D menagerie of exotic monsters.

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