Narrative Vignette – Dwarfs versus Trolls

Just a bit of fun today!

Inspired by various other blogs, and especially those setups I often see over on Dagger & Brush displaying his intricate terrain – and a recent comment from Alex about wanting to see all of the Trolls on the table once they were done, Marouda and I took the camera out to the War Room yesterday morning and laid out some terrain for photos. Her iPad does a far better job of photos on the table than my little camera, so it got the job for the session. One day I should learn to use my good camera, or perhaps I might need to buy an iPad now. Hmm…

I set up a few photos, forming a loose narrative of a band of Dwarf Adventurers searching out an old Dwarven keep for loot, glory and the location of their missing companion. All images clickable for embiggened versions…

The Dwarves carefully pick their way through the wood, Slayers on point.

The Dwarves stop to check their map, with several on guard against what lurks in the darkness of the wood off the path.

Consternation as the map seems not to match their location?

Finally! The entrance is found!

…but something can see the dwarves as they approach. Who could it be? Oh, you read the post title, didn’t you? So much for surprises, eh?

Trolls! Foul creatures! And is that Bjarte on the ground?

Wild Nyjhul and The Nameless Slayer charge the Trolls without hesitation.

The rest of the Dwarves join the fray! But what’s that movement from the boulders over the wall?

While the Dwarven navigator checks on the welfare of their downed Kinsman, the Dwarfs force the Trolls back by the sheer ferocity of their assault. Now though, the Stone Trolls now join the battle in aid of their foul cousins!

…aaaand that’s it. I had a bit of fun setting up and taking these images. They’re not meant to be anything amazing, with the edges of the terrain camouflaged and blended or anything like that – rather a bit of a play with the toy soldiers and camera with terrain added in a “yeah, grab that as well” way.

I thought it best to leave the result of the melee in the minds of the viewer, since it’s not even pretending to be a Battle Report. It looks like it’d be a damned fun roleplaying session, though!


11 thoughts on “Narrative Vignette – Dwarfs versus Trolls

    • Heh, I chose to leave it in the imagination of the reader/viewer. I reckon those grizzled old Dwarves and their ferocious looking Slayer friend(s) would probably have given at least a few of those trolls a right hiding!

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  1. Excellent idea and execution. Your terrain really looks good for a nice RPG session. I love the barrels and general storage. It really adds a lot to the scenes and gives you the feeling of the Trolls really making camp here, well not for too long if the dwarves are as hardy as they seem. I vote for more such narrative photos and hope your other readers agree.

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    • Thanks. It’s nice to be able to use so many of the little detailed “bits”. I tend to find 40k a bit more friendly than WF/KoW to incorporate such pieces, since they can get in the way a little in Mass Fantasy Battle tables unless incorporated into other pieces. In 40k you can have that stuff literally everywhere as the models just move through and around them. I’m thinking that I’ll start to follow-up some of my “batches” of figures with either little narratives or at least some vignette layouts as well as the typical “finished unit” shots.


  2. You have some great terrain pieces – it’s great to see them used with the figures. This is a lot more fun that just “static” shots of figures. The recent dwarves and trolls look great.(I’ve got that Adv HeroQuest dwarf too – painted last year in a very different scheme)

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    • Thanks. I found it a way to give a bit more context to the figures, especially seeing as they’re all individual models, and just as importantly (for the dwarves at least) there aren’t enough of them for the usual “unit” shots. You’ll have to get your AHQ up on your page as well.


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