Realm of Chaos – Slaves to Darkness Beastmen II: Pestigor, Tzaangor, Khorngor & Undivided

Oldhammer Realm of Chaos Beastmen

Pestigor & Tzaangor – Beastmen of Nurgle & Tzeentch

A couple more of my old Beastmen from the Realm of Chaos era. As I’ve mentioned before, painting them in a unified army form was the least of my concerns or priorities back then. In fact, making each model as individual as possible was the focus for those models that I painted.

I ended up with three of this sculpt, and so naturally wanted to make all three unique by painting them in a way that they could be used either as followers of three different Chaos gods, or all as generic beastmen with a bit of colour variation and a spot of Brightly Coloured Fur. I’ve given these guys a bit of a touchup and minor repaint a few weeks ago both to clean/neaten them up a tiny bit and also to make them a little less garish.

Oldhammer Realm of Chaos Beastmen

Pestigor & Tzaangor again

The shields on both the Pestigor and Tzaangor are Marauder Miniatures’ embossed shields. They were pretty exciting for the time. The one with the Marauder Miniatures Logo (Skull with dagger clenched between it’s teeth) was from the Undead sprue while the Skull over “Chaos Star” was actually a Dark Elf design.

Oldhammer Realm of Chaos Beastmen

Khorngor and Undivided Beastmen

These two were painted with Khorne and Undivided in mind (Sorry Slaanesh!) and while the Khorngor has been touched up, the Undivided fellow has remained untouched except for the rebasing.

Oldhammer Realm of Chaos Beastmen

Khorngor and Undivided Beastmen

I’ve added this particular undivided model to this set of photos as he’s got the same facial sculpt as the other three identical models. Usually when you see “conversion” models from that era they share the same pose or body, so it’s rather unusual for models to share a face in this way (that I’ve noticed anyway!) Still, it’s a good face, and on the second body it gives a very Satyr-like appearance.

Oldhammer Realm of Chaos Beastmen

Rear view of “Satyr” undivided Beastmen

As with the Khorngor and Slaangor champions shown a couple of weeks ago, these guys will eventually be included in armies for Kings of War, but exactly which armies remains to be seen. My Beastmen (Herd) army will be much more of a “Bestigor”-type army, while these two (and many of the others that are part of my renovations of my older models) are deeply Realm of Chaos-style Beastmen rather than the more feral Bestigor-style.

12 thoughts on “Realm of Chaos – Slaves to Darkness Beastmen II: Pestigor, Tzaangor, Khorngor & Undivided

    • I always tried to make the same models look a little different back in those days. I had and could afford far fewer models back then, plus it was chaos, so I made every effort to distinguish them. 🙂

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  1. Nice work, showing the diversity of this sculpt. I have one of these guys unpainted and can never decide which patron he should follow. I like the satyr style of beastman, will have to stock up on some Ungor boxes from GW, now that they seem to be dropping them from the line. I had some dog faced beastmen out the other day, led astray by your posts, but stashed them away again, at least until my current dwarfs are done.

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    • It’s quite a nice model really, I wouldn’t be upset if I found another one in a box or ended up with one more via an eBay sale. I didn’t know that they were dropping the Ungor. I’ve got a few here, both built and unbuilt (and some metals) so I reckon I’m (luckily) good if that’s the case. I’ve been eyeing off some Beastmen armies on eBay though since AoS came out, so more are always a possibility. I’d love to see your take on some of the old models, but I certainly understand the need for a bit of discipline.


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